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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just Give Me a Sign

I had to go to the complete opposite end of town today to get fitted for a bridesmaids dress. Yes yes! That's right - I am a bridesmaid! Jess is getting married this summer and I had the pleasure of being asked so of course I said yes!!! It took only minutes for me to get measured and I was there for roughly an hour, what with my inability to stop talking and all.

When I left I got in my car and was pulling my seatbelt over when I saw it across the street.

A bunny. Sniffing the grass and hopping slightly on the front of someone's lawn. It was actually a rabbit but rabbit/bunny is the same thing regardless. I grabbed my phone and called Jess's cell, even though she was in the house behind me. (it's not like i can run or anything!). It took her eons to answer but when she did i heaved out, "Guess what i saw!" and she goes, "What!?" and i go, " A bunny! Across the street - the blue house - on the lawn *gasp*" She said, "Aww really!" and looked out the window (it's not like i turned around to see if she did, i'm too lazy and was half stuck in my seatbelt). So that was that. It was marvelous.

I have not had a sign from Karyn in a while, but I don't think this sign was meant for me alone but rather me and Jess. Actually just the other day I was asking for one and it never came, and today, on a memory making day, where the bride and her bridesmaids are getting fitted, Karyn sent us a sign to let us know that even though she has passed on, she is still here with us. It was great. It was a great feeling to know she's still here and that everything will be ok.

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