My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am worried.

Not about me, about Howard:(

So far he hasn't moved or anything, but he could still be frozen b/c i'm sure they don't thaw the first day or even the fist week that it's warm.

My dad drained the pond today (since it's melted snow and smells like ass) and he took Howard out and put him in the sun - on his side, where he's probably crushing and breaking his precious anphibian limbs. Thanks dad for being so careless.

Anyways, he's still laying there...eyes closed...less bloated...I am worried. I actually googled 'frogs thawing from hibernation' and i watched a video. He looks similar....and I am trying to hold out hope. I don't know why i'm so attached but I am. It's not like I an pick him up, squeeze and maul and kiss him (i didn't even know what Howard is anyway). But for some reason, i have emotionally adopted Howard even though all I really do is stare at him and go paparazzi at him from time to time.

If God forbid something happens (again - he's a frog, and I am attached. Do i have a problem!?) I don't know what I will do. Every time we get fish they die; or get eaten, or stolen by some random rabid bastard animal lurking in the distance (like the psycho squirrel who screams when he sees me - that little shit is still alive). Anyways, send a prayer to my frog. I'm serious.


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Alice said...

my dad thinks I'm crazy cos I'm laughings so hard!!!! That squirrel sounds SO FUNNY!!!! Still laughing!