My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ragin' Cajun Brain Infection

There's nothing to do here

But sit and complain

In bed at the hospital

Yup, you got it: I'm in.

It's pretty clear I did have labyrinthitis, but it's since fucked off. What remains is horrid balance (I've fallen a stellar 4 times now), nausea and vomitting, and screwy vision. It wasn't getting any better so at the insistance of my parents I made an emergency doc appt yesterday and he agreed that something is up, so he called TGH, yelled at them for a bit, and they said to come down and that the people in the ER would be waiting for me.

So here I sit up in my room on the 7th, day #1 under my belt, iTunes playing. I've got a double room but no roomie, and I got the window seat so I can gaze out over downtown TO over night. I've had my shower, shaved my legs, moisturized, I've got about 5 blankets on my bed, inclined, with a tea and my TV on. I spent 2 hours throwing up this AM so got an IV dose of Gravol, and holy fuck people, it's instant the effects. You instantly pass out it was fabulous. Although as I felt my body turning into a tree stump I had to wrangle my stomach as it wasn't sure whether or not it wanted to explosive shit or excorcist style puke all over the place. So suffice it to say we made it into the bathroom and dry heaved instead.

Fun times.

I threw up poutine from last night this morning and it was fucking horrible. God it was worse than when I threw up my cyclo Friday night. Both times burned horrendously, like my stomach had a tiny pit of fire in it. But thanks to the IV Gravol that knocked me the hell out (just in time for my dad to visit!), I've been vomit-free for almost 12 hours. Yay!

So besides laying in a hospital bed all day, my dad was visiting (mum was with me yesterday and will come back tomorow). We went on a wheelychair adventure (I actually wrote "adventure" on the "destination" portion of the sign out sheet, much to my dad's impatience) to get BoosterJuice, some soap and a razor for my shower, and a spark-shock at the elevator (my dad laughed hard when it happened to me, but i laughed harder when it happened to him). Also saw lots of neuro fellows and got lots of neuro tests since they think that I've got a virus in my head that's causing the wretched balance, screwy eyes, and nausea. I'm getting an MRI tomorrow to see if they can pick up anything (like fluid from the virus), and if not I'll have the grand fortune of getting a spinal tap.

Un-yay :(

So they think there could be a few things wrong with me:
- a virus in my inner ear which is affecting my balance and eye sight and making me nauseas
- a reaction to my gastro med Maxran
- or both.

So we'll see what it ends up being! I just wanna feel better - it's been over a month and my parents go to Mexico on the 1st soooooooooooo...

Yeah, I gotta get better!

Ps I punched myself in the accessed port in the shower :( Ouch.


Jessica said...

I know this is not suppose to be a funny post, but crap lady this post, your wording just made me laugh. Get better, get outta there soon! Enjoy the view, seems like it would be a beautiful one.

Ducky said...

OI BREE! feel better please darling <3
love youuuuuu

<3 Ducky

Jess said...

That sounds so unbelievably awful. I hope they find you some answers soon so you can finally start feeling better.

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