My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Newness

The Finnesaur
Yours truely and Krystal
"White Chicks and Gang Signs" - a tribute to our university years..

My Scary Spice impression

You never know how hard it is to blow a horn until you're too inebriated to get sound out

So that basically sums up my new years! Of course, it consisted of many other aspects, such as makeup, dancing, warm weather, and vomitting, all in one night. Krystal came to my resuce by pushing stupid drunk bitches out of the way, and baracading herself in the toilet stall with me as I suffered the wratch of cranberry vodka, mango and vodka, hypnotiq, and too many feta and spinach samosas.
I realized last night, as I ran up the wooden steps to feed and pee Blue (the Australian sheppard I am caring for at the moment), that this is my first time EVER being all dressed up, and going to the bar, AND BEING ABLE TO BREATHE. I almost started crying. Krystal and I walked downtown from her place and I wasn't out of breath, nor was I out of breath as we took the stairs, and flew all around the place, and raced back home. I never thought of it. I wasn't coughing, or dying from the humidity (yea it was humid and about 10*C). I was out there and I was having fun. And it was a blast :)
My 2nd letter arrived on Dec 24th. I learned that my donor and I are very much the same person: we have a passion for adventure, for wandering aimlessly and walking for hours, nature, being on the go, cooking and baking.
But there is one thing that stood out in the letter and blew my mind.
His university major/degree.
It's the same as mine: Anthropology.
Who else has a degree in Anthro? Not many people. The world works in mysterious ways. Maybe this was meant to be...
So 2011 is here! This year I will:
- get my degree in Anthro!
- go to Europe
- compete in the Tx Games in Sweden
- Meet Evlyn AND Alice
- My sis will get married
- Jenna will get married
- Katey is going to Ireland
- Krystal is going to Japan
- grow up and move on
It's crazy eh? 3 years ago I had just been assessed for my transplant. 3 years ago I was waiting by the phone, hoping to hear that I had been accepted to be listed....3 years.
3 years of craziness.
I'm glad it's over and that I'm on the other side. And i hope and pray that my friends who are waiting don't wait long.

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Amy said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the dress!!!!

You and your donor were made to be together lol. Cheers to many many many more New Year's doing the exact same thing, only a little different each time <3