My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good for the Soul

Early morning drives are good for the soul.

I had to go out to Rockwood this morning for 7:30am to see the Babies - two french bulldogs who are almost a year old (but i refuse to beleive they are Big Boys now because I love them so much). I've been taking care of them almost daily, twice a day, since Sept. When my time was up I wasn't quite ready to head home, and still had Timmies left, so I decided to go for a drive. I went out to Eramosa, then Erin, Ospringe, all the side country 'towns' that I know so well from having my nana and papa have a farm out in Erin whilst growing up.

The sun was blazing away in it's usual wintery way. Clad in my blue heart flannel jammie bottoms and brown U of G sweater, I drove down the backroads towards the Farm. It still looks the same, all 181 years of it (that's 1830 people!) I was sad that I couldn't see the tell-tale red humungus barn door that dominates the back of the barn (thanks to the sun), but what can you do? I was happy to see that the new people who live there (nana and papa had to sell it in 2000 because it was just too much for them to take care of) were utilizing it well. At the side of the house where the red deck used to live, now houses a pen for horses. I'm glad the people are using the farm for its intended purpose instead of buying the land and eventually selling it to be used for future subdivisions. To take away memories of 4-wheeling, snowmobiling in -30*C weather, falling through the ice in my snowpants and having them heat above the iron woodstove, ect, would break my heart.

It was nice to drive out there and think, and plan, and get things together that i need to focus on in my head. I came home and emailed my boss about next weekend. I actually have it off (so far) and asked if it could stay this way (last minute dogs ALWAYS pop up and I don't know when the last time I had a full weekend off was). Then I emailed Evlyn about our trip, and emailed my friend (who's also my travel agent) about getting things together and tying loose ends. It felt good.

Now it's the shit I don't want to do: like get doctors notes, sort out meds, airport stuff, blah blah. I'm sure it's not honestly all that bad, and that the thought is actually a lot worse than doing it, but ugh. Then I still have to register for the transplant games....

It'll happen. No fuss. Still plenty of time...

I can't beleive it! I need 2 more paycheques (if that even!) and my trip will be paid for! AHH! This is happening people! Saving up for the games won't be that hard either, but I still have to register with the Canadian Transplant Association.

So yeah, the random drive was good for me. I like to go on them and appreciate the scenery and what not, and revel in the fact that I finally have a future.

Hope you're all well!

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