My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Not suprisingly, the most upsetting part of my day had to do with the fact that Walmart suffered from the complete inability to supply me with my favourite type of chip. Actually, two places are at fault: The Wandering Scot, for telling me that Walmart carried a full bag of cheese and onion chips, and Walmart, for just existing.

I drove all the way from the south end (where I live) to the north-west end to Walmart-ville in search of my muchly wanted cheese and onion chips. Being that it's Wednesday and thus finale night (Americas Got Talent (funny, seeing as NONE of the judges are American), and Big Brother), chips were in high demand. So i get to Walmart, find a spot, stomp into the place, ignore the greeter, and immediately send my sister the following text:

"I'm in Walmart. Where the fuck is the chip aisle?"

Seeing as I never venture into this place, the last time i was there the grocery section was in the middle. Well i searched, and it apparently had been uprooted and moved. To the other side of the store. So i get there, and examine the massive display of chips at my disposal, and not a cheese and onion chip to be found.

Not a one.

I spent 45 minutes searching.

So i figured why not try Zehrs. Nope, they didn't have them. So i decided on plain baked chips and my favourite type of dip: Gay Lea French Onion.

Well you'd think i'd be able to find the fucking thing.



But i stood there. And i paced back and forth. And i huffed and I puffed and I knocked over every one in their food-stained favourite t-shirt and their children. And damned if i'd drive to MY end of the city, to MY Zehrs, where i KNOW they have this dip! Because that would defeat the whole purpose of driving over here in the first place. *scowl*

But it payed off. Because i found it, and stomped angrily out of the store. And now i'm home, and it's 7:33pm and i have to wait exactly 27 minutes until 8pm rolls around so i can stuff my face to the beat of reality TV.

Ok, that's done.

Injection learning day went well! My nurse was awesome and i'll start the injections tomorrow, b/c i need 5 a week, and got 3 on Monday. It's not hard at all. The hardest part is ordering supplies which I will save until the last minute when I run out of things, and will most likely run out of needles and thus miss a whole week of injections. Typical, but w/e. I'll get pics and post them.

My stomach was sore the next day, and thanks to a royal canine punch in the gut from a dog who's kind've an asshole, all is well now. It was a feeling that felt A LOT like how i felt in the weeks post-tx. Honestly, it feels like i did 1000 crunches and had the post-work out soreness, but nope, i just happened to be the fortunate recipient of multiple injections in under 4 hours. Woo. Go me.

I think that's it. Face-stuffing to commense in 20 minutes.

And to JEN - my mum's hair dresser and avid reader of this blog - you rock! Thanks for being such a fan! :)

Night kittens.

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