My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How cool is this!?!

My phone has been ringing every hour on the hour since 3:24pm. I couldn't answer the first time b/c I was driving (it's illegal to be on the phone and drive in Ontario) the rest of the times I just havent been around my phone when it's gone off, but have seen some annoying person calling me with no traceable number.

Finally, it hit me: my coordinator! If they call you and you don't answer, it is programmed to call you every hour on the hour until you listen to the message. So finally, at 6 something, I called the number and low and behond, a message was waiting.

So i start listening and my co-ordinator says, " I heard actually through the people at Trillium..." to which I rolled my eyes and thought, "Fuck. What've they heard now?!"

But it was good! Good, good GOOD i tells ya! More than good! MIRACULOUS!!!! Ok *sits down* The people at Trillium Gift of Life were so moved by my letter to my donor family that they were calling to ask if they could use it for medical students while they train - learning about organ donation. They wanted to know if they could use excerpts of it for the students to read so they could get a better understanding of just how impacting organ donation is. She said that they found it exceptionally well written, moving, and heartfelt. She hoped that it wouldn't damage the relationship I have begun to build with my donor family. I called back ASAP and said to go right on ahead, that they have my permission to use whatever they would life - half of it, some of it, all of it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Then i made my mum listen to it. And then my dad. And then I will listen to it again and make myself realize that i am AWESOME and this is EXACTLY what i want to be doing with me life!


Ok, screaming aside, things are grand! Dog walking is busy busy busy, and I am gone from 8:30-3pm pretty much, zooming all over the place and walking dogs. Life really couldn't be more awesome right now. No stupid people to deal with, no stupid stuff, no stupid anything. Just doing a job where i can do what i want, wear sweatpants if i want, a dress if i want, sandles if i want, shoes if i want, eat when i want, listen to music if i want, be silent if i want, avoid contact with people if i want, squeeze animals all i want, kick children in the park and run if i want, knock children over it i want.

It's beautiful. *squeak out tear at happy thought of knocking children over, whilst in sweatpants, with iPod in*

It's been a wicked day! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so awesome to finally have a job that i don't flat out hate, that i feel inadequate at and where people are judging me. Animals don't judge, they just want love my friends. And that's what i've got : love love love!


Amy said...

loving the whole post!!!!

Jess said...

That's so cool! Congrats on everything!!

Amy said...

Hi Lovely Bree.Just started reading your Blog and I love it.You are an amazing writer.Congrats on your new job.Awesome.Enjoy your day with your doggies.How many do you have to walk?Take care xo