My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Unconventional Sunday

I've decided to stay up late tonight
because i am alive
because I can
because I can breathe

Even though i have a job interveiw at 10:30 in the morning
And i need to shower before hand
And shave my legs
Which takes forever
because i like long showers
But it doesn't matter

No more shortness of breath
Nothing leaves me breathless
But I don't forget what it's like
Excitment coursing through my veins
For the next day to come
Big hair
Big make-up
for no reason other than
to celebrate the fact that I AM ALIVE

LOVE LOVE LOVE staying up late
and waking up early
No nebs to take away my morning hours
no puffers to open my airways
No oxygen to keep me going
No hours spent clearing my chest
of the relentless shit that drowns my lungs
No hours spent coughing the shit up
Only to have it quickly fill back up
Even if my tummy hurts
From days without having tummy meds
Even if i want to puke, puke, puke all over the place
I have Freedom
Just freedom
Freedom to get up and go

To flee
Hurry up
Be late
Because I am alive

Off to my old rehab tomorrow to visit the peeps and see Carol and discuss participating in the Canadian Tx Games which are in August! Only have till May 15th to sign up so must must make up my mind! Mum says 'what about work?' I say, 'you only live once. what is 1 week off of work?'

Woke up today and spent the day in my jammies on the couch with lots of tea on hand. I essentially was a sloth and did nothing.
Can't wait to crawl into bed and not have to change into jammies. I am disgusting.


HArmstrong said...

ahahaha i LOVE it. i cannot wait for my new lungs.

Tara said...

You are so beautiful inside and out. I love your blog posts. I envy your freedom. I hope I can live and breathe as fully as you someday.

Amy said...

you should submit this to CysticGal's poem contest :)