My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Transplant Friendship

Is different than normal healthy people friendship.

Transplant friendship is...
being able to talk about your fears
of living
sad thoughts

Celebrating small things...
like taking 8 pills at one time
prednisone doses going down
Controlling yourself in the presence of food
running up the stairs
shitting everyday
No more nebulizers

Transplant friendship is...
Talking about FEV1 and FVC and PFTs and ABGs
and knowing what they mean
Getting blood once a month is thought of as few and far between
Talking about vomitting, and exhaustion, and lung function
As if it were something everyone talks about

Transplant friendship is...
Being able to celebrate and discuss mucus
the colour
and taste
the feel
and not be grossed out
Being able to talk about peeing and having the shits
and celebrating instead of being turned off

Transplant friendship is...
evaluating your surroundings
routing out the fuckheads
the people who only want to be your friend when it's convenient for them
or who want things from you
It's valuing the friends you have
because you know
you KNOW
that all it takes
is one little thing
and poof
they are gone

Transplant friendship has...
taught me a whole new normal
has taught me to love life and all the little things
to not judge an outer shell on its appearance
because underneath
you never know
could just be a rockstar

Transplant friendship has...
given me humility

I am thankful to be a transplant recipient, friend, and survivor. It has made me who I am.


BreathinSteven said...

I'm thankful you've survived too. You make me smile. Love, Steve

HArmstrong said...

i love reading your blogs. they are inspiring me as i get closer. i cannot wait for my new lungs. sigh. soon i can be a transplant friend too! hahah

Amy said...

I'm glad you survived too cause if not I was gonna have to make a trip up there, revive your sorry ass and then beat you to death!

I may not be a transplant friend but I am a pre-tx friend hehe