My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home is in the Hospital

I got my regular IV today.

And i realized something.

Home is in the hospital.

Is that weird?

I feel most comfortable when I'm in the hospital. I know everything, everyone...I know what to do, how to do it...nothing is foreign and nothing is a challenge. I can be a medical being and it's fine. It is who I am.

When i go for my IV or go to TGH for tx stuff, I realize time and time again that my idea profession will be in a hospital setting. It is where i am most comfortable. It is where I identify the most. My knowledge is able to flourish and grow and people understand me. I am able to help the nurses, I can pretty much do my own IVs (that doesn't mean i'm qualified though). I know all the terminology...etc. I just feel at home in the hospital and it was really reinforced today when I had my IV.

Maybe I am strange, but when you're versed in this manner it's hard to not have some filial feelings for such an environment. I'm sure other people feel this way, while others don't. I don't necessarily mean it in the sense that i like/want to be a patient all my life (tho i have no choice) but in an environmental sense, it's where i belong and I'm sure others can connect with that being said.

Other than that, the IV was good. Took 2 hours and I was rewarded by my nurse Brenda with chocolate eggs and a barbie bandaid for my port. I was also able to talk to a new lady there (tho she's around my age) who was a child life specialist doing her masters in Social Work which is what i'm considering doing...

Lets just's daunting! lol. But if i want to work in a hospital i have to do it. So deciding must be done!

Onto other things...

Easter is upon us and here in Southern Ontario we are graced with temperatures well into the 20's (for you lazy american friends of mine, that's into the 70's F). It's just gorgeous and all the windows are open here at home and i'm in capri pants chilling out. It's supposed to get humid too and i'm so excited to experience it for the first time without any breathing problems!!!

This will be my first spring not dying, not suffocating, or being sick. I had to go to the pharmacy today to pick up my stomach meds and some prednisone (which is now down to 10mg!) and I walked past the allergy section and was smothered by a sense of nostalgia. Of course i don't miss being constantly sick and being phlemgy and unable to breathe/walk/do anything. But it was weird to walk by that section and know that it no longer applies to me.

I had PFTs Tues and these are the results: 99%.

My lung function is 99%.

And i walked up 7 flights of stairs today in the parking garage b/c the elevator was too fucking slow.

So there you go. Compared to 7 months ago when I was a meager 21% and couldn't even put sandles on, this is astounding to me.

Also, must connect with Alice and Eve about the 2011 Tx games in Sweden and see what they are competing in so i can compete in it too and ultimately kick their asses.

And finally, for Candians: CBC is reairing Eva's documentary tomorrow. What time, I don't know. I just heard it on her blog.

Happy Easter one and all.


Megan said...

99%!! *celebrates with you* and walking up 7 (seven?!!) freaking flights of stairs... fuck me, I can't even imagine that anymore.

I would like some warmer weather too though. Share it pls! Xx

Jess said...

Eff stairs!!! Yay!