My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Bookwhoring we will (try to) go

This post is written from an extremely pissed off point of view. Why? Because my exicted attempt at bookwhoring was visciously thwarted by Chapters (and my backup, Shoppers Drugmart).

*wipes tear soaked eyes*

*catches breath*

*places hand on bossom*

*insert lip quiver here*

They did not, ah *wipes eyes*. They didn't have the books I was looking for. Neither did Shoppers Drugmart, who can usually be relied on to carry smutty material. But no. Both failed to enlighten me and I have come home emptyhanded and disheartened.

I even stuffed my face with an extra chocolate chip stuffed cookie on my flee out the door in anticipation of a night draped on the couch reading said smut. And no! It's been thwarted! And ruined! All in the name of some viscious establishment who claims that the 'item is not in store'.

*throws self dramatically on floor*

I love Chapters. And i take back my statement that it is a 'viscious establishment', and there is still hope that i can some how get my greedy little hands on these books if i go downtown to the used bookstore and tame my impatientness and actually take the time to look for them.

The books I am looking for are Outlander-esque, but on the smutty side b/c i am finding it hard to really get into anything. I know, I know i had severe withdrawl 2 summers ago upon completing the series and i do harbour small fears that this could be a revival of it but i doubt it. I just miss novels with passion!

Anywho, the books i am looking for are Kilgannon by Kathleen Givens and The Pride of the Lions by Marsha Canham. Are there any other books similar to them? Why Chapters doesn't have them I don't know, but it really effing sucks and it ruined my night completely. I even parked in a frigging handicapped spot and coughed all over the goddamn place to make it convincing.

Jesus fuck.

Anywho. Onto other things.

I got my palm read yesterday, and I read the palm reader and her daughter in return. Things I was told:

1) I will be packing my bags. I said "my trip!" and she said, "no, you will be moving, and it will do you a world of good"

2) She said i will be getting a job soon

3) I need to get out of my funk and be happy and let go of the past. Some days i find it hard to get out of bed because i can't let things go.

4) I have had a lot of physical trauma. True.

5) I hold a lot of tension in my stomach. This is true.

6) My blood is toxic. Also true. I have a blood disease.

7) I will meet 'the one' in 3 years, and he will be older than me, and not what i'm looking for.

8) I can't have kids. This is something i always speculated but my doctors always told me wasn't true. I've asked them if i can have kids and they told me yes. My parents confirmed it by telling me, no, you cannot, because of medication i was on as a baby. TRUST YOUR GUT PEOPLE.

9) Me and 'the one' will adopt twins.

10) She asked me if i was adopted. I said no. Then i told her about my transplant, and we concluded the lines she sees are my donor. I always speculated that my donor had no family, which is why i never heard back from 'them' when i wrote. I've had a tremendous feeling of sadness sometimes post-tx. She said my donor was either adopted or in foster care. I remember the doctor telling me that 'this person knew what they were doing' by signing their organ donor card, and i remember thinking that they were alone and had no family. I hope that through me - though we never met - that they can find solace and a home.

Um i think that's it? I should've asked about school. She told me to come back in 6 months to see if my other lines develop, so i will.

And that is that. I'm off to go sulk.


Amy said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!! now go out and get out of your funk!

Lauren said...

did you end up finding them in the used store? you can buy them both through chapters online.

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩ ........................................

MitchB said...

If you look on Chapters website, they have it! Now go read!!!!