My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Universal Plague

There is a universal plague out there today, affecting and afflicting everyone.

It is called exhaustion.

It is the result of the relentless snow that is falling outside my window.

Goodbye spring time, hello winter time.

Please go away.

Why did you chase away my energy? Why did you steal everyone else's like a Grinch?

Well you did, and we would like ours back.

I layed on the couch this aft, torn between drinking my tea and my pop, and i realized that i barely had the energy to extend my arm to grab either. My tea-addict friend Robert suggested I get a tea-IV. I suggested it go in my neck to yield greater results to reach my system sooner.

So far, the combination of tea and pop is restoring my good senses, but my legs are completely zapped of any and all energy.

I have consumed the remaining box of Ferraro Roches that were living on the coffee table.

I felt it necessary to declare to my friends that i hunker down like a vampire and close all the window shades and live as if i am in a cave, since that is how we are all feeling today.

I cannot be peeled off the couch.

I am stuck. No energy flows through me. I am crippled and immobile.

All because the snow is falling.

All because it chased away the spring time.

All because we are thrust back into winter, and we are just ready to move on.

What happened to yesterday, with the +10 degree weather? (that's around 50F for you americans).

So here we sit, amist the snow...

The Universal Plague.

In other news, i got some results back from my bronch last week.

I have streppocaucous pneumonia?


I had no idea; I feel fine. I went for a frigging epic walk yesterday and wasn't held back in the least. The co-ordinator didn't sound too concerned, so I'm assuming it's been caught early. I am on azithromycin for 7 days, 2 pills daily so i guess it can't be that bad!

Plague. Again.

Will use this as an excuse to lay on couch and do nothing.

I blame strep pneumonia and the falling snow for my current state.

Tea has run out. Must make more.


Megan said...

Seriously snow, go away now please. It's getting silly. We'd like that seemingnly seldom happening thing called spring...

Hopefully the streppocaucous pneumonia will bend over and have it's ass repeatedly kicked too xx

Amy said...

we are getting the 50 degree weather here right now and rain all week. Spring shall be here soon and then SUMMER!!!!