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Friday, December 11, 2009

Olan Mills - Purveyors of Awkardness since 1890

To quote one genis comment from the aforementioned link, "Good to know the greatness of awkward photos has been around for over 100 years..."

Many on the site speculate that this photo could be amongst the first original 'headpile' photos, which were huge in the 80's (anyone remember Full House or even better, Step-by-Step?). If you inspect the photo closely you will see that it's the chick in the front who's really at fault for the awkwardness in this photo, what with her day hat being half a foot in height thus subsequently blocking the person behind hers veiw, causing the entire family to lean over at opposite angles and in the end making the general formation of awkwardness possible.

I can just imagine them going, "lets do something silly!", thinking they'd throw the photog for a loop by going out their way to create the awkwardness for one and all present on that April day of 1890. What fails to do it for me is the lack of smiling...(something to do with the flash stealing your soul or something...)

That's all for today. Class dismissed.

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