My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Doctors do Weird/Human things


- eat muffins

- kiss babies

- spit in your eye by accident

- drool accidentally whilst talking to you

- are seen in public doing normal things

- walking babies

- with their family

- smoking

- eating in general

- on their blackberries

- laughing at normal things

- laughing with friends

- doing non-medical things

- sleeping

- wearing clothes that aren't scrubs

- wear winter coats

- doing nothing

- sitting down

- talk about person shit that doesn't pertain to you

Have you seen doctors doing normal things? Normal things that for doctors, thus become weird? Alex and I are having this conversation and we came up with quite the list.

What are your observations of bizarrenes?

In other news, the trip to TO was good yesterday. No more amphotericin nebs, down to 15mg of pred, arranging port-o-cath surgery, and am taking T2's again after being mauled by an over-enthusiastic doctor yesterday who crushed me.

"Great to see you!" *squish*


Princess Talana said...

When I was teaching/subbing I threw more than one kid for a loop when I ran into them at the store or at a game or something. They would really get thrown if they ran into me at my other job, a clothing store.

LittleM said...

This is very random..but... I'm not sure if you know of Natalia Ritchie ( who just got her call for lung transplant.. but I was reading her comments the day of the call and someone noticed that she had been waiting, 3 months, 2 weeks and one day. You are very close to having been SINCE 3 months, 2 weeks, and one day... weird! (And I officially need a life as of now)

Matt Todd said...

I saw one of my doctors at an amusement park once, we rode the ferris wheel together. Then i saw a different doctor at a CF walk, but i guess that isnt too weird.

Chandler said...

I watched one of my surgeons order coffee once at Starbucks....really hard to explain but it was mesmerizing!