My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, November 30, 2009



The Greek call resonated from a bathroom stall directly across from me. In response, 2 additional calls of "OPA!" answered, followed by gails of laughter and looks of shock. This call was issued after the chick in stall #3 dropped her glass full of booze onto the tiled bathroom floor and every annoyed somewhat-sober girl looked on in dismay. Finally, after a few minutes of incoherent mumbles, Chick-in-Stall #3 emerged, wobby-legged and too-high heeled and sauntered over to the sink where she at least had the common sense to wash her hands and still use soap.

Finally, Stall #1 opened and my friend emerged, not quite as drunk as Chick-from-Stall #3 but still drunk enough to have her awesomeness magnified by 100.

Exit Chick-from-Stall #3.

"She's the one from who dropped her glass," I said.

"I know: I'm the one who yelled 'OPA!'"

And so was my Saturday night - a fabulous one at that. Actually, the entire day was fabulous, where I drove down to Mississauga to meet some wonderful people and celebrate my friends 26th! I havent seen her since about April so it was double the fun! And double the fun now that I can celebrate sufficiently and not worry about walking distance and so forth and breathing! Such a blessing! It was a wonderful 2 day spectacular and I look forward to (hopefully!) many more like it:)

But random-rediculous-shouts-of -"OPA!" -resonating -from- a -bathroom- stall wasn't the only random thing to occur. I have never witnessed so many people pass out as I did this night in one spot. I don't know if there's some mysterious magnet in that part of the floor of the bar that makes incredibly drunk people pass out but whatever it is, it works like a charm.

We hadn't even been at this pub for an hour when the first one went down - standing up. Seeing incredibly drunk chicks so intoxicated that they pass out standing up is just not cool. I mean, it's funny, but like, people don't realize how bad it makes them look. Sure, it has happened to me but that was years ago and I had just gotten over Norwalk and was only 79lbs and drunk on Tequila. Not my fault...

The second one went down right in the middle of the floor and took a random dude with her. Wiped out right flat on her ass and brought down those around her. I don't think she was so intoxicated that she passed out but rather slipped and fell. Still, it was the same spot.

The 3rd/4th (seeing as #2 took a spill with a random spectator) was a dude who was at least making a conscious effort to not pass out whilst trying to stand up. He swayed back and forth repeatedly, thus shoving me repeatedly into the shoddily (probably stapled on) table -top -to- a -barrel that made our table. Shove shove shove I went. Back and forth drunk dude went. At one point he was squashed between two other guys who just happened to realize they knew eachother, and when they raised their hands over him to high-five they punched him in the head. He didn't even notice but he did sway a little away from me and fucked off to go pass out on someone else.

Marvelous darling, marvelous.

We left the pub at 2:30. I was really tired and kind of sat there the whole night like an unenthusiastic log (which i'm regretting now) but suffice it to say i DID have a blast! It was just really croweded which i'm still trying to get used to which is why i sat there but enough of that. I HAD TONS OF FUN NONETHELESS.

We parked far, far away and found my friends car eventually, after a long stop at a hotdog stand on-demand. We passed a car accident on the way home and didn't fall asleep till 5:30. We were all freezing and everyone made fun of my paw mittens (citing they were 'immasculating' if i gave them to man and that they looked like children's mittens. My mum even commented that I needed some 'adult' mits). But at least i didn't have frozen hands.

Came home yesterday exhausted (but the good kind of exhausted) and in the foggy rain, sad to be leaving my wonderful weekend behind. Overall i had a frigging blast and would do it again. I am so happy and thankful for everything!


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Welcome to "normal" life!!!!!!!

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