My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh Life...

I would like a little motivation, please.

A sprinkling would be sufficient for this mind 'o mine.

Reading chair+grey sky+heating pad on back+tea= incredibly comfy and unlikely to move any time soon.

I feel like if someone came into this room and grabbed my arm, they could just pull me off of this couch and i would deflate and melt into the hardwood floor.

I am just not motivated today, and I feel like I should be. But alas, here I sit, on this grey Sun Day, staring at my cats fat ass and a scummy fish tank, (and i stare longingly at the vacant fire place which dad swears he'll clean out and eventually light for me), and there isn't really any other place I would rather be.

Besides frollicking in a forest - if i had the energy to do it, which I don't.

I don't think anything is wrong with me from a medical stand point, i think it's just one of those days. Thankfully i've been on that stupid tummy medication for over a week now that the feeling of antsyness has disappeared. I am a very lucky girl.

Random, but here is what i've eaten today:
- 2 and a half peices of bacon
- 2 peices of multigrain toast with honey
- a Nature Valley bar
- a tea

Not too bad really, and probably doesn't really warrant a work out, but i still want to go for a walk at some point b/c there would be nothing worse than falling into that lack-of-exercise trap and melting into a puddle or pile of goo over time. There's nothing that makes me sadder than seeing fellower tx'ers who've gone and let themselves get fat after having their life given back to them. THAT WILL NOT BE ME. I CAN BREATHE AND I WILL NOT WASTE IT.

But i guess i'm entitled to a few lazy days?

My thing is, i know once i get off said lazy ass and walk, that I will feel better.

Oh why can't i live hear a rainforest? That would be motivation enough.

Until then, children. Enjoy your lazy sunday.


Amy said...

Lazy Sundays are the best! Enjoy it, we are all entitled to be super unproductive at least once a week :)

Sarah H. said...

That was me yesterday---cancelled plans equaled a day with nothing going on, so I was totally lazy and stayed in my pj's all day long! You are entitled to a few lazy days, no worries :) I've been reading your blog for a long while and was wondering if you would check out my brand new blog: I would appreciate it :) Thanks!!!