My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, November 16, 2009

I besmirch thee, Canada Post!

*shakes fist in rage*

GIVE ME MY DAMN POSTAGE! I MAVE MAILABLES ON THE WAY! The friends have already received their exciting arrivals and I have yet to have 1 single shred of excitement to rip open.

*falls on floor and screams*

Jenna broke her silence and admitted to me she mailed something to us lovely ladies last week whilst frollicking up in the Wildnerness. Seeing as she and the Yukon live 4 hours away from the nearest dot of civilization, the letters had to be dropped off while on a trip 'into town'. Katey and Krystal have received theirs; I have not.

I am angry.

I want my mailables, damnitt. I want them now!

Now, i am not too shocked it hasnt arrived yet. Usually my spidey senses clue me in and i'll dream about it and bam, it arrives the next day. But so far, no dreams about postage lovin' fun.

But still!

*strangles mailbox*

1 comment:

Sarah H. said...

We're big mail fans in our family too. I totally understand!! Just relax, it will come :) And it will be super awesome!