My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, October 19, 2009

*drum roll please*

From this:
To this:

Thoughts? Feelings? Expressions of love and/or concern?

Suffice it to say I am feeling a lot better today. I walked to the Bulk Barn for some bags today and it took me 20 mins to get there and another 20 to get back (waiting at stop lights, finding bags in the store, and stopping by Timmies for tea) notwithstanding, it made for about a 45 minute trip. And i felt really good afterwards as it cleared my head.

I came to this conclusion: fuck the world and its opinion. Do not let others success determine your own.

I am settling down for my final week in TO. My three month assessment is scheduled for Nov 2-4th and i'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow i'm going to Body Worlds with my dad.

I think that's it. I'm feeling sooooooooo much better. Must go catch some 8-9 hours of sleep! Tres tired!

Goodnight, my kittens.


Kellee said...

Glad oyu had a chipper day!!

Tara said...

two thumbs up!

Jess said...

Enjoy Body Worlds, its really neat. I hated looking at all the smoker's lungs, and there were tons! Will think of you for your 3month assessment!

Amy said...

First love the new background!!!!!!!

Second love the new hair color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third good luck at the assessment!!! You will do great!

Alice said...

YOUR CHEEKS ARENT CHUBBY!!!!! Granparents have a way of thinking it's a compliment... believe me. My grandad once said "boys like bigger girls, it gives them something to hold onto" I was mortified, cos I HAD gained some weight, but not that much to be considered a BIGGER GIRL.

Anyways, the hair looks great too. My hair's also been that colour before, and got lots of compliments!

Lastly, we're still allowed to feel down sometimes after tx... it's normal, they didn't do a brain transplant.