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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Body Worlds - and a thank-you!

First of all: thank you for all your kind comments! Means a lot to me, especially as I had a nurse tell me today that i had 'steriod weight gain' in my face and a doctor point out my (thankfully, fair) lady beard (and honestly, if u didn't know it was there u wouldn't even see it). *thumbs up*. She then commented on the fact that i was flushing, but little did she know that it wasn't in fact, from the pleasure of hearing i had a lady beard and that i had gained weight, but rather from sheer anger and a superhero surge of rage that i mangaged to control.

Honestly - yes, it sucked to hear, but on the other hand, i appreciate their honesty. But i know that it's not that bad so i have to stop being so finicky about it! W/e. Fuck the world and every corn on its cob i say! yes, BODY WORLDS! Truely fab! The iMax movie was slightly disappointing b/c they focused largely on the heart and I felt discrimminated against - i'll be honest - but it was still cool nonetheless! Kind of awkward then they showed how babies were made and they played 'lets get it on' and my dad was beside me. It was one of those, "OMG IF I EVER WANTED TO BE STRUCK BY LIGHTNING OR SWALLOWED UP BY THE FLOOR LET IT BE NOW!" but alas, i made it through. And the best thing of all is that not one person in the theatre coughed, which goes to show how tough people are being about not going out in public when they've got the plague. As sheer luck would have it, dad and I just happened to choose to go on a day as 2 fucking school trips, and although the place was crawling with the naughty little bastards, at least not a one was riddled with illness. HURRAY!

So yes, back to Body Worlds: FAB! Very inspiring and it really makes you want to take good care of yourself and exercise. I can proudly say that i EFFORTLESSLY took MANY flights of stairs and i enjoyed every second of it. I truely did. I don't know how i can elaborate on the Body Worlds exhibit b/c it's something you have to see for yourself if you're lucky enough. And yes, to the person who commented on the smokers lungs: GROSS. GROSS GROSS. They were SHEER black and the person smoked 20 cigs a day. They had them next to beautiful healthy ones. Makes me truely appreciate the gift i've been given...

Speaking of which....the rainforest. At the Science Center they have more than one exhibit and after body worlds my favourite was the rainforest. I don't know if i can explain it but i will try to find a link. They had carpenter ants coming in through a clear tunnel from the outside and into a plastic den, that they themselves were filling up with bits of leaves, dirt, and the like. It was soooooo cool to see them doing it and really inspiring. It completely made me appreciate the little things in nature that we miss and fail to acknowledge. I will never step on an ant again. It was just so ...inspiring almost, to see them marching along that it's not something I will soon forget. It also makes me want to watch "Ants".

Then there was the rainforest itself....real plants and trees in a temperature controlled environment. The greenery was gorgeous and it was beautifully humid. They had frogs, fish, and my fave: A TURTLE! Unfortunately the turtle was in the water and floating there and extremely unreachable (and it probably snapped) but you know that if could get close enough i would've stolen and/or hugged it. Even if it bit me, i would've captured it as a pet b/c i love them so much.

For extremely unknown reasons.

But the rainforest...there was something in there that truely brought me to life. To be there in the dense humidty was like a dream: there I was - albeit in an artifically created environment - and i could breathe. No problem. Nothing. A deep breath in, a breath out, another deep breath it, no snap, crackle, pop, Kellogs Rice Krispies! Nothing. No coughing. I walked the roped bridge across the tiny stream; i tripped over tree stumps...i gawked, i moved without any issues. And i love it. And it inspired me to really start saving my money so i can actually experience a real rainforest. I really want to go out to BC to see theirs. Now, that is more reality than ever!

Today was the Lung Transplant Support Group bake sale! I baked Skor Bars and Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Squares drizzled in chocolate! I will have to see tomorrow how they sold so that's something to look forward to! Tomorrow is my last full day here in TO as well! I am excited to go home for good tho, although I will miss some aspects of the city. I'll miss being able to go out the door and be somewhere and not have to drive to every place. At the same time, I like being able to be at home where the airs cleaner and i can walk trails. Which is what i'm hoping for this weekend!

Well i guess that's enough gabbing for one night. I'm going to have some apple cinnemon tea with some honey and will my 'steriod induced weight gain' to drain from my body along with my lady beard.

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HArmstrong said...

bree! i cannot believe they said you had a lady beard. haha you are so gorg with your new hair, i love it, and honestly no one even notices your pred face...i have been freaking out about mine for the past couple months...but no one notices but me and my mom..and the doctors...but no one else! they're not as observant! haha
also yay to going home! this has been a long haul and you are doing amazing. i'm so happy for you!