My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kind of don't wanna move - ever.

I’ve had a fulfilling last 2 days. While I haven’t done much by normal people standards, i’ve done quite a bit for someone in my situation – with 21% lung function.

The weather has been fab – it actually feels like summer around here and I love it.

Accomplishment #1: i’ve logged 20 hours in the sleep department since Friday, sleeping a solid 10 hours each night, straight through. Fell asleep Thurs night at 11:45-9:45 am, missed rehab. Thursday i galavanted around the city with Krystal tracking down a book for someone else. First was Macondo’s, who didn’t have it, so we went to Chapters and i located it. This took about 3 hours, and it was very hot. Not a lot of walking but it still exhausted me. I went to bed around 11:30 lastnight and woke up at 10am. Go me.

Today I woke up and promptly made peanut butter rice krispie squares (with chocolate melted on top!) b/c i’m having the girlies over for a girls night. I did dishes, showered, did meds, then cavorted with Jennana around the city. She had errands but i waited in the car. We went to K-town and I bought a book i’ve been ogling over for the last day. We came back to our city, ran a few more errands, and i am honest when i say i am fucking exhausted. I kind of don’t want to move for a very, very long time. Maybe not ever, maybe i will just melt into the couch and let it consume me instead. I’m ok with that.

I still have to make salsa and feed all the pets, who are doing their best to act like needy little bastards and bothering me to give them sustenance. 3 dogs – 2 who need meds -, 2 cats who get fed in the basement, then i must go UP stairs and do Tobi and la la la. The rest of the fam are at 2 separate weddings.

Then i pick up Jenna and Krystal and a bag of nachos.

Oh couch, consume me.

Maybe not, coz if you consume me i will be bored.

I am looking forward to a girls night!

Ok, must go feed pets. Their ability to annoy people to the utmost capacity is quite impressive.

My dog just thew up his supper in the runner of the sliding door.

Wonderful. Oddly enough, I find myself marvelling at their shamelessness in consuming their own vomit. Disgusted however, when they turn it into a team effort...

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Amy said...

Wow you are having an awesome time it seems...more so than me LOL I want those rice krispie squares that sound oh so effin yummy!!! Dam me for reading about them on my fasting day!!!

Miss you lots!!!! <3