My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stupid Dying Lungs

FUCK! I'm in so much back pain it's rediculous. I don't get why doctors never tell you that end-stage lung disease is a painful process. Maybe they think since you can expect to cough more, be more short of breath, and that simple tasks will be taken away from you, that they can leave a suprise element in there. So they neglect to tell you that towards the end of it you will be riddled with pain and thus dependent on things like Tylenol 2 everyday.

"SUPRISE! DYING LUNGS ARE PAINFUL! HAHAHAHAHA! We thought we'd save that special tidbit for you to discover on your own. Pretty good isn't it? You should've seen the look on your face when you realized it wouldn't go away! GOD IT'S SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best response everrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" least that's how i envision doctors - ok evil doctors.

In other news - nothing. I havent been reading much lately since i can't stay awake long enough to complete the task. I've been sleeping soooooooo much and yet the minute i open my book i soon drift off. Oh well what can you do?

I do have a task/question for you people!

1) Has anyone ever read the book series by Sara Donati? The first book is called Into the Wilderness and from what i've read about it, it's very Outlander-esqe (naughtiness included- yippee!).

2) If you've read it, was it good??

I'm getting bored of my collection. I'm only about 25% through. Either that or i'm just lazy. I have 70 pages left of Brief Gaudy Hour and i'm not motivated. My next book in line is The Duchess by Amanda Foreman. Has anyone read that? It's a biography and i hope it's good!

That's it. I'm sorry my entry's have been nothing but boring crap lately. Nothing exciting is happening in my realm - other than the fact that i used the slowcooker for the first time ever today to make a chicken stew.


I'm off to Toronto tomorrow for physio fun. Let's see who will succeed in annoying the shit out of me first. HERE'S GUESSING!



Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...


"Surprise! Your lungs are decaying more with each day, your life sucks, you disgust people with your hacking and to top it off, you are in pain and can't do shit about it!! HAHAHAHAHHAHHAAH! Now, be patient while you wait years for some new lungs and watch people who have been listed a week get them first! BITCCCCH! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!"

That's how I envision the evil doctors, but hey, everyone's imagination is different :) Hehe.

Diane J Standiford said...

Your music, your tenacity, is awesome. (sorry, but the word fits.) I just heard someone talking about those shrinking brain can't recall who...%^&* I'm highlighting your blog on mine Friday. oooo Calm yourself. LOL Good luck at the doc, buy a lotto.