My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm housebound today - like a cat - all b/c it's slightly humid outside. I woke up at 9am in horrendous pain from all the goo in my lungs so i had to clear it out instantly. Actually, i don't sleep through the night anymore b/c i wake up from lung pain at least 3-4 times a night, which also forces me to clear more lung goo out. If i sleep on one side too long eventually the ribs hurt so i must shift. So in that sense, my sleeping pattern becomes comparable to that of a new born.

But today, again, i'm housebound like a pet. I frolliced momentarily in the backyard long enough to snatch a branch of lilac from a neighbours overhanging bush b/c it was growing over our fence and was fair game in my eyes. That brief excercise of lifting my arm, wrestling with the stupid branch, and walking back to the deck, left me exhausted and i had to sit down on the iron chair and spend 5 minutes dying, clutching my sprig of lilac for dear life.

So it's mildly humid, yet i'm freezing cold. I'm exhausted too which i don't understand, seeing as i slept from 2-11:30am. Yes i woke up a few times but not long enough to disturb my sleep, i don't think. Oh well.

Other than that things are as they always are. I'm thinking i need to add a new tag label instead of always have 'listed, waiting'. I think 'complaining' should be another one, since that's all i seem to do and i sound like a miserable bitch.

Oh well. I am happy in my own right, but i'm becoming increasingly frustrated with waiting still. Blah. What can you do? In that respect, I continue to read myself silly.

I hope you're all well.


Amy said...

Hugs Bree cause that's all I can offer!!!!!!!!! It will come soon I am rooting for you and so is half of the US and Canada :) and some other continents thrown in there too LOL

Marjolein said...

And Europe for that matter Amy!

And Bree, really, you can complain all you want. If someone would be alllowed to, it would be you!

Thinkinf of you and sending you big hugs

sweaty toes said...

i get it. though differently. housebound, bedridden, too many meds, young and not having the future we grow up expecting to seamlessly saunter into... friends and their babies and jobs and own money and freedom. i'm stuck in bed and horribly complainy about it right now. the last few weeks have been hell with my almost ex-significant other, but i have been able to be out more frequently than in a very long time. odd. frightened when it stops and i'll be back to weeks on end with the same four walls and so much pain. so far my issues should continue to be chronic and not terminal with luck. just wanted to say hi and good for you, your blog is amazing, one sick person bonding with another. i know it's often so hard for others to understand. it changes so much on your views of what life's about and what's important and what's not. hope today is a kind one to you. i respect the fight.