My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the winner is...


And not for annoying the absolute shit out of me. Oh no, quite the opposite: Barry wins the award for funniest outburst at rehab today.

I was sitting in my chair looking like i was doing weights (and who knows, i could have been. I just can't remember) when Barry walked up to the leg weights ...thing, and after standing for a long while declared to the person blocking his way: "Get out of my way, for fucks sake.."

It was such a statement, but he said it in said a friendly tone, that everyone within hearing distance laughed hysterically, even the person he was saying it to.

Overall, rehab was rehab. It didn't make the frootloops in my bowl shine or anything, but i went, i did, and i returned.

In other news, I've noticed the pain in my shoulder becomes really bad at night, and i've realized that instead of bitching and moaning about it like a horrible person, i should shut up about it. And that's when i realized that I had a ready solution for it: why not take a Tylenol 2 before bed?

I know, who knew? Why i never thought of this beforehand is beyond me, especially since it's such a simple solution. Only a moron like myself would fail to see the answer that's literally in front of their face. Oh well. I just took all my meds so I will wait a little while longer before taking a T2. Hopefully, it will allow me to sleep through the night like the big girl i am, and not wake up ever 4 hours in pain.

So yes. That's about it. I don't know what else to say.

Oh yes: Amy, i saw that you won a blog award. Don't think that i didn't. And don't think i'm not jealous b/c i am. I'll figure out how to win an award some day. Just you wait.


Amy said...

Don''t be such a cry baby! I gave you the award too :)

Megan said...

when you said that everyone burst out laughing hysterically, was it followed by the entire room hacking and coughing afterwards? Cuz thats what I thought the second I read it. Its kinda inevitable for us anyway, you laugh, then you spend foever coughing/laughing/spluttering. It's always totally worth it though! Xx