My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sign of the Crows

Many people have superstitions, whether they acknowledge them or not, or are even aware of them.

I myself, am superstitious. Not overly so, but enough that when persistent signs occur i tend to beleive them.

Like today for example. I am sitting outside in the gorgeous summer weather, reading my book, when all around me i hear birds chirping.

Soon enough however, that chirping turned to crowing. Most people beleive or feel that crows are a sign of bad luck, and death even (since after things dies, crows are felt to eat the souls of the the departed). And i vaguely recalled reading somewhere the more than one crow chirping meant that death was going to happen. And there were definitely more than one crow chirping. I looked to my right towards our pond, when i saw not one, but 2 crows, drinking from it.

Oh shite.

And despite the fact that these two noisey crows were in the pond, they weren't doing any harm. They were drinking and bathing and it was quite endearing to witness them take care of their basic needs.

Then a third crow started crowing. I looked up and saw it watching on from a tree across from the pond. Soon enough, all three began crowing. It was time for a random google search.

Luckily for me, good news was foretold. While one crow is thought to be bad, two is luck and three is health.

Ironic? Or am i just lucky?? . That's the link where i got the info. Quite interesting, whether you beleive in that stuff or not. You can see how our most basic expressions and cultural feelings derive from old wives tales.

What are your superstitions??

And for the record: it's 6 crows that mean death. I hope no one ever sees that many all at once!


Megan said...

If three mean health, then either your lungs are going to suddenly heal themselves and say 'oh you know all that bronchiectasis... april fools!' Or.... a certain call is on the very close horizon, plus you can say that the two you saw first counts as the lucky thing. Either way, crows creep me out. It has to be said! xx

CysticCysterAmy said...

well that's a good thing then!!! I'm with lungs soooooooon :)

Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...

Psssst! Psssst! *whispers* The crow flies East at Midnight!

*scampers off into the shadows*

Anonymous said...

Nice! Three is good then!

My supersition is black cats, and touching wood. If someone says anything that makes me nervous I run around finding wood: un painted or un stained is best: RAW wood, like the underside of a table, of the end of a pencil. Then, because I don't know if the official saying is "touch wood," "knock wood" or "rap wood" I say ALL THREE. It's RIDICULOUS!!!!