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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My name is Bree, and i am a bibliophile

Yes, bibliophile.

A bibliophile can be described as anyone who is addicted to reading and/or collecting books. 'Whoring' oneself was not part of the direct description but i fully beleive that at some point, it's going to have to make its way into the dictionary in order to fully encapsulate just how much this addiction afflicts people on a daily basis.

Thus far, I can only name one other individual who suffers from this affliction: Amy. Amy, whose blog you can actually read through a direct link in my side bar. I don't think she blogs as extensively as I do about being a book-addict but sooner or later, she's going to have to open up and be honest about it. So Amy, the cats out of the bag: the world knows you're a bookwhore like myself, and I'm sorry. Afterall, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. I acknowledged mine long ago; it's time for you to step up to the plate.

And while we're on the subject of my dear friend Amy, she can be partly to blame for today's excursion into Chapters.

I confessed this sin to Meghann, who automatically knew that i had whored myself without me even mentioning if i actually bought anything, or just outright embarassed myself while entranced in a sense of whoredom. I felt exposed and ashamed at hearing this from an outsider who wasn't even with me while i was on my kind-of ("I'm just looking") mission.

*cue dramatic music*

*grabs tissue to wipe away tears*

I whored myself, people. God, did i ever whore myself. I havent been in Chapters in who knows how long, and it felt soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood. Right off the bat I found 2 books (side by side nonetheless) that i was looking for. I had a decision to make; afterall, i was only going to get one book. ONE. And it had to be cheap b/c i'm a cheap person. And speaking of cheap, that's the other thing i'm blaming for my step-back into this addiction: i got my bank statement and discovered I had way more money than i thought. This beautiful bank statement that spent days on the counter b/c i was so afraid to open it b/c i knew it would tell me that i was poor. But no, no! I opened it and it practically sang. Immediately, I knew where i had to go...

Ok, back to whoring myself. I found 2 books off the bat, that i had been pining for for a long time. And then - then - i found a 3rd. And even tho i had 3 and knew i couldn't get them all, i kept looking!

*wipes eyes as tears stream down face*

And then i got on the floor.

THE FLOOR! The stupid book space that meets the floor sometimes harbours treasures and in my greediness i got down on my knees and looked to see what the floor had to offer me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so ashamed, b/c i was completely oblivous to the fact that there were people around me. I felt like a rat, like some disgusting vermon that merely escaped being stepped on due to inexplicable behaviour in a public place.


So i stopped. I had to stop; I was out of breath for being in such a position for too long and my legs were sore. I put the one book away - Galway Bay - which was almost $30. I'll ask for that for my bday i determined. But i couldn't let go of The Winter Rose (thanks Amy, for throwing a monkey wrench into my reading list), and Into the Wilderness. I bought both, and thankfully, it came to the same price as what Galway Bay was combined. It was a good deal. But not good enough to overcome the fact that I had just publically shamed myself.

I started reading The Duchess yesterday. It's great, but Amy kept going on and on about The Tea Rose and the Winter Rose and all the wonderful sex and adventure and romance that i could only resist for so long. I was determined not to abandon my list and here i have, i've jumped ship.

Summer-time reading should consist of romance novels essentially. Not smutty ones - i am above smut (Chapters behaviour notwithstanding). So, seeing as i read Outlander 4 times last summer, I will embark on my summer-romance trend and read the Tea Rose and it's sequel, The Winter Rose, and then set myself on a downwards spiral into poverty by starting Into the Wilderness and somehow i will try to come up with funds to afford the 5 books that follow in its footsteps.

What have I done?


I need some chocolate.


Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...

Great post! And don't worry, I'm always here to shame and guilt you into crying over your addiction known as bibliophilia, aka bookwhoredom. :)

P.S. I think Smut over romance is the way to go, but hey, that's just my personal preference. lol

Princess Talana said...

I have a amazon kindle. We won't talk about how many books I read... and how many more i have purchased to read on there... :)

Megan said...

Yeah, I've done the sitting on the floor thing in the middle of the bookshop. I didn't even care about the fact that people were literally climbing over me cuz I was blantantly in the way. I needed those books!! Xx

Amy said...

Hello, my name is Amy and I am a Bibliophile.

Yes I admit it, I do have a problem!!! By my god I don't wanna stop!!!!!!!!!!! (says the woman who spent the last 2 hours on the sofa reading Annette Vallon).

OMG I am So happy you are starting the Tea Rose :)

I couldn't tell you how many times I have sat on the floor of a bookstore or library trying to get down low and find THE book I needed.

Funny I have been considering starting another blog dedicated solely to the books I read...hmmmmm

I am not to blame! And if that is so, you are to blame for my recent purchase of the aforementioned Annette Vallon LOL