My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you provide male interns, I will follow...

And thus, TGH has provided 2 young, fresh interns, one of which, is exceptionally gorgeous.

This year, unlike last year with McIntern, O'Intern (as I shall call him) spotted me from across the room. Of course I show up, sickly, slightly bloated, totally without makeup, hair looking like i got caught in a wind tunnel. I was polite, flirty (but not overly so), and he up front informed me he will be here next week and the week after.

I smiled by biggest chipmunk cheek smile and said, "Oh yeah? So will i!" (with makeup, next time!), so I look forward to it. I couldn't help but notice him spy me as i sat at the back doing absolutely nothing all morning. It was wonderful. I only wish i could've exuded more confidence rather than dwelling on the fact that i could feel my cheeks and double chin swelling from the prednisone.

So yeah, rehab. The physio lady told me i looked awful and not myself, and when i told her i just go out of the hosp she kind of whispered, "Why are you here?" b/c clearly i shouldn't've been. Oh well, i'm glad they saw that i really am ill so that's good.

I'm in such a blah mood since getting out. I'm not elated since i only feel 10% better; i'm irritable, bloated, pissy, frustrated, tired, sore.


(c'est damage!)

I would like a sandwich. What i would not like is for it to go directly to my face and neck.


Jennifer said...

Oh boy .... I can't wait to hear about next weeks fun with O'Intern

Amy said...

O'Intern O'Intern...please make Bree happy!