My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


*warning: this is loooooooooong*

I'm home! I've managed to escape! I sent my mum a msg at about lunch time saying i had been given official word that it was ok for me to escape! SO I DID.

I'm done with IV antibitoics, back down to 15 mg pred (face slightly swollen, as i ordered my sister to be 100% honest with me about my appearance), and i will be doing Pulmozyme to break up all the mucus, and la la la. I was given a 2 week script for Suprax but was told to wait about 2 weeks to see how i'm feeling. Basically, i'm not feeling much better, so....Oh well. I'm off to TGH tomorrow for physio but we'll see how i feel. I woke up this morning with excruciating pain in my knees....felt like i have arthritis in my knees all of a sudden. I'm sure it's just a combo of all the IV meds. Basically, it's not that exciting. I went in feeling terrible; left feeling about 10% less terrible. We'll see where this takes me.

So i kept my journal with me when I was in. I can proudly declare that i wrote 30 pages while in, and I'll transcribe as best as I can about my stay, starting with the first night. So lets start now, since I know i was sorely missed by one and all.

Pray tell me people: what did you do in my absence beside pine?

SAT MAY 2, 2009:

Well this is fucking bullshit. Here i am, admitted, into the hosp.

Which is fine, b/c i knew to expect this.

What i didn't expect - firstly - was to be interuppted mid-writing to get an IV put in; and I didn't expect to be put in a room with 2 other (old!) people!

Gah, this isn't Sick Kids. Beleive it or not, I actually miss Sick Kids, b/c at least there I had a private room, Marnie's Lounge, and people my own age. least I have roaming privaleges.


I'm here for a couple of days, which will no doubt be brutaland drive me insane. I anticipate much bordom, as I have no internet. I'll get a TV tomorrow so my sanity will be restored some.

At least I have this journal and 2 books! At least I can read the way I've been watning to so that's good! Mum and dad are great and totally went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I think it helps that I'm cool with all of it. I knew it was coming so I can't complain (though I still will, why not). THere was no point in me staying home and complainging about how terrible I felt, right??

I really need to go to the bathroom but am afraid to use this one since the lady next to me just spent 10 minutes in there. God, sharing a room with 2 other patients seems so....3rd world and inhumane.

This hosp sucks in comparison to Sick Kids, GR and TGH. They're fucking luxergy compared to this, ugh. This hosp feels unsanitary and old. Maybe I've just been too pampered with my hosp excursions growing up. Not everyone gets private rooms with bathrooms and showers. Clearly, that's the case.

Since last Tues i've had thepleasure of having 6 needles, and countless bruises from them. I told the IV lady here that she may as well just give me a PICC line since my veins won't handle a regular IV for a long period of time, so we'll see how it goes. She looked annoyed when I told her, but upon inspection of my veins she readily agreed they were 'crap'.

Ok, I went to the bathroom and definitely died in the process. The bathroom is 3 ft from my door but for some reason i was so out of breath it was rediculous. I got back to my bed and was shaking b/c I couldn't catch my breath....God, what the fuck am I gonna do the rest of the night??

Well, I put my jammie bottoms on, and got really out of breath again. This is retarded; this is rediculous. Oh well. I am exhausted. I want to sleep but donw want to get up for the bathroom and wash my face...But, for all that, I feel terrible and know that I am at least in the right place. Hopefully, my call comes soon!!

I hope, I hope, I hope.

I wish it was later so i could sleep, but it's still sunny out and feels like the minutes are crawling by and for that, I am present for every one of them. I wish I had the laptop so i could surf the net or bother ppl on MSN or facbeook and Youtube. At least then I'd stop complaining (or you'd think i would; i would still find something to bitch about). Clearly, reading and writing is not sufficient enough to keep me occupied, what with the amount i've already written and it's only my first night here.

At least I have you, oh precious one *purr*.

This is my 6th and a half page(s?). Why am i not reading?

Oh, b/c i think too much.

It's 9:11pm.

An omen.



IV antibiotic of Cetafec has been started. Will get it 3x's a day and will be able to finish it at home. YAY! Hopefully, home on Monday?

It's weird, but i alway sknew i'd end up in the hosp and on IVs at least once before tx, and in a weird, fucked up way, I feel like one of the it's a badge of honour that somehow furthers you along in the waiting game or something. I feel like I can actually say, "Yeah, I was actually really sick before my tx, and I totally deserve it now. I couldn't even wash my face without gasping, so yeah, I've earned this tx."

*end of day one*

Promise tomorrow won't be so long. Hey, no ones forcing you to read it!


Amy said...

wanted to leave you a comment even though we chatted last night!


Amy said...

Unless it's for Transplant of course ;)

Megan said...

Not to boast, but when I was dragged in the other week, I was put into a bay, with 6 beds. 5 older women, the youngest couldn't have been the right side of 45, and had that horrible cough that screamed 'smoker!!!'. (Although when one woman left, she was replaced with a younger woman who didn't understand the meaning of 'Drop the phone and do your nebs') It actually pained me to see the older women (the wrong side of 90, I'd guess) without enough energy to sit up, catheters swinging low, full of yellow piss.

But then again, I should shut up as I was moved into a private room around 11pm, then left the next day. Xx