My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, May 4, 2009

From Club Med on an Inspirational Vacation...

It's me.

I did it; I actually frigging did it. I write to you all from the hospital, and this will most likely be short and sweet. I came in on Sat afternoon and have been here since. Am on IV Cetafez/Fortaz 3 txs a day, and so far they make me smell like cat piss. I got 2 massive doses of prednisone through the IV yesterday: 1 40mg, and one economy sized dose of 80mg. You can be sure i freaked out and that i'm inspecting my face as much as humanly possible, b/c my vanity does not escape me even while incarcerated. So far so good, and tonight it was back down to 30mg. Tomorrow i go to 15 i beleive. Will have to check.

Basically, i have a lot of inflammation, plugs, la la la. They don't honestly know what's wrong with me. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow though and sent home on IVs for the rest of the week. We'll see what's up. I'm going insane without the internet that's for sure.

Um, parents are great about it and my nurses are all awesome. I have 2 roomies, and let me say. this is not Sick Kids. Sick Kids is fucking royalty compared to this.

I cannot get onto facebook but saw in my email all my friends who wrote on my wall and commented on my status. Hopefully tomorrow i can write from home!!!

I want to write more but i don't want to be a computer whore. Afterall, I conned my nurse into letting me use the comp in the nurses lounge under her name.

Rest assured many an entry will follow: i brought my journal with me and am writing everything down lest i go insane. Since being here since Sat afternoon i've written about 25 pages (2 sides, single spaced). I have a lot to say.

So that's all for now. Hopefully i get out soon!!! I probably should've never asked about this b/c Lord knows i'll want to be on it more.

Thank god they don't have MSN or facebook, other wise i'd never leave!

GAH. Hope you're all well! Pray I get my tx soon people! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

*hugs to all*


Amy said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad to hear from you!!! I miss you!!!!!!!

Can't wait for a longer update when you are home!!!

Love and Hugs and Germies for all LOL


Alice said...

So glad to hear you're OK!!! Hated that cat pee smell!!! My mom used to think our cats pee-ed somewhere, till I told her it's MY pee that smells like cat pee!!!! Be strong, thinking about you!!!!