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Sunday, April 12, 2009

...Too much Eastery goodness

Ugh, definitely had too much Eastery goodness today. Definitely stuffed myself to maximum capacity of all things Easter, and all things goodness.

This year, Jenna spent Easter tidings with moi et ma famie, since her famjam resides on The Rock out in Newfie-land. All was well, and nana and papa were here as always. I am sad to report however, that papa's Spiderman bag was not in attendance, since it is spring-time now and boots are no longer a necessity for navagating the great outdoors that exist between car and house. I informed Papa of his Spiderman bag fame, and he said, "Of all the things to make me famous, it's a Spiderman bag" and proceeded to laugh like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

Today was a long day, and I am quite exhausted for no real reason. Jenna and I spent the pre-supper festivities holed in my room (while the fam tortured themselves by watching the Masters), and attempted to program my DVD converter. Lets just say that i don't lie when i say my DVD player hates me. And i don't stretch the truth in any sense of the word when i claim that TV converters hate me more. When they fail to work, or make me turn my TV on manually, i tend to bang them against something, aptly trying to let them know that if they fuck up on me again, this kind of abuse will happen in more frequent intervals. And alas, they keep fucking up and they eventually begin to suffer from Shaken-TV Converter Syndrome.

We tried and tried to program this fucking thing and it still doesn't work, and at one point it caused me to scream, "we're two university educated women, yet we can't program a DVD converter".

What is the world coming to?

Speaking of what the world is coming to, this years Easter conversations consisted of one main topic: Murder.

Happy Easter to one and all.


Oh well, in other news of greatness, i've discovered that Flashlight Location is an excellent way to locate spiders on my ceiling.

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