My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thoughts to entertain your mind...

It baffles my mind that I am a person who takes about 10 meds a day, that I'm at the point where just don't make me feel good anymore.

For helping me to breathe along I take:
-Tobramycin (which i beleive has the opposite effects and alludes to feeling like you're dying rather than getting better)

And for antibiotics I take:
- Sporanox
- A shot of tequila
-and most recently finished Cipro, and Levaquin which i'm thinkin didn't do their job, oh well.

So it strikes me as bizarre that I take all these things in order to combat the wrath and horror that is lung disease, and yet they don't work. Or they're starting not to. I dunno, it is hard to explain but anyone in a similar situation can attest to the fact that it is true.

At what point does it all become redudent?

Yeah yeah, shut up all of you i know what you're going to say: "but you have to take them b/c...." blah blah blah. I know that. I take them to 'prevent' me from getting worse, faster. I take them to keep me as i am, to keep the infections from boiling and toiling and taking over. But then this begs the question: why go on more?

Jesus God on his goblet throne, whatever would i've done had i lived in another time?




Megan said...

*Nods* Cipro doesn't help me either. I just finished a 15 day course and came out feeling crap!

We need to be fixed. Hell knows what those scientists are doing all day. Pft. Xx

Megan said...

Dear Pleurisy Queen... I think you're right. Cuz I checked out your pleurisy link, and that matches what I feel like. AND it also seems to match that mysterious rattle that I've had in the same place for months.

If I actually do have pleurisy, then I've had it for months and it's smart - it goes away when I get the near the damn hospital. Humph. Xx

Alice said...

In another time, we'd both be LONG GONE.... probably in some horrible manner like drowning in mucus... yummy.