My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, April 20, 2009

"Extra small lungs, please!"

There are two words you probably don't want to hear in the same sentence: lungs, and holes.

That is precisely what I heard at clinic today when the doctor showed me my last CT scan and x-ray. Apparently, these holes are in my airways and are the reason why my lungs pop sometimes...something to do with my airways being stretched and swollen and when fluid drains out of them they pop and it's really, really lovely. She told me that the holes in my lungs are everywhere and that it isn't normal and that i have a classic case of bronchiectasis for someone who is IVIG dependent.


She addressed the issue of Asperguillis and made a big deal about me being on Sporanox (itraconozole) and asked why i wasn't on another type of it. I told her i didn't know, since i didn't prescribe it to myself, so i really wasn't a help. She mentioned some thing about being on another type of 'conozole' drug, and that's kind of when i stopped listening b/c i didn't understand what she was getting at. All i remember her saying was that the Asperguillis is always there and it has to be supressed, b/c if it is left to flare up it destroys the lungs - as is the case. So...yeah.

She asked me how many grams of IVIG i took. I told her i didn't know (bad, eh?) She proceeded to ask me other fun questions, such as 'how tall are you?' and so forth. She ended the clinic appt by annoucing that she was going out herself to look for a pair of 'extra small lungs' for me, so that's exciting. She is also going to look into getting my status bumped up which is tres exciting, and i found out i am still in the ex-vivo lung study so should lungs come along that are my size but not 'perfect', i have the option of accepting them and having them 'get better' on the ex-vivo machine and whatnot.

Over all it was a good day.

Oh yes, i came super close to telling my dad about my blog. But then i didn't.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND: THE INTERNS ARE BACK! (albeit a new batch...and they're back in abundance and crawling like vermin)

The above link is a good description of Bronchiectasis and describes it, in comparison to normal lungs and such. I warn you that there is an actual pic of a lung, so if you're squeemish or a puss, don't read and or scroll by the pic fast. It also mentions CF and bronchiectasis. As well, it talks about what causes bronchiectasis. Very interesting and much better than the bronchiectasis link i have posted crappily at the side. The link shows comparison diagrams of a normal lung and one with bronchiectasis to help give a better understanding.

God knows I understand myself better now. Thanks random google image search! *cheer*

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Amy said...

So no man from last time?!?!?! :(

Well I hope she finds you some tiny lungs so we can get you all fixed up :)