My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shake shake shake

I have the shakes today.

Probably from my meds which hate me. I kind of feel like i'm having a tiny seizure that's slowly lasting throughout the day. This started happening in Feb, and if you're wondering if i've mentioned it to my doctors, the answer is no. Does this shaking concern me? Kind of. And will I tell them? The answer is still most likely no.

It's mainly in my fingers. I can kind of feel it in my legs but it's more prominent in my fingers than anywhere else. I don't know if another person would be able to see it unless they looked closely at my hands. Who knows? It's just another coin in my bucket of health issues. Play on, play on, let the joust continue...

I went to Canadian Tire with my mum today b/c it's nice out. It's about 20*C so i wore capris and sandles and made an actual effort to look pretty for the world. Pretty, even tho i've got the fucking shakes and i feel like utter shart. You know the weather is getting better when all the dad's get out of the house and whore themselves at Canadian Tire for no real reason. Let's just say it was a real dad fest at ye ole Crap Tire this aft!

We parked close, which was nice, and i didn't walk far, but that still didn't stop me from feeling like i was going to fucking die right then and there from being short of breath. It sucks, b/c it's the kind where you can't take a deep breath in but it's not horrendous, it just takes longer to go away. You feel it in your whole body and then your brain says, "Oh shit. We're going to pass out" and you have to force yourself to stop lest you take one step further and die on the floor of Canadian Tire in the gardening section.

Oh well. Clearly i made it home if i'm blogging. And nebbing. Go me, i've not missed a dose of Tobi yet this cycle! YAY! Today's dose makes it...*checks MSN status* 17 out of 28. HURRAY HURRAY!

What else? Oh yeah, my mum asked me a pretty rediculous question today, as i grabbed tobi from the fridge and left the room. It went like this:

Mum: Are you going upstairs?
Me: No I'm not going upstairs; I'm just ascending the staircase...'s like when you're sleeping and they come in the room and ask if you're sleeping..Oh well.

And thanks to all for your feedback with regards to post-tx food restrictions! I know every center is different so i will get this clarified! Have a great weekend!


Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...

I wondered what the #/28 in your status's meant! Now I know! :)

Megan said...

Crispy cakes makes it all better...

Just melt chocolate, then mix with rice crispies (you know what they are right? Seeing as I'm all the way in the UK I can't be sure) then just seperate into bun cases and let them sit. Its quicker if you put them in the fridge.

Or you could just eat it straight out the bowl. Sounds good? Yep, I'm gonna do it now. Xx