My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Red Rocket's Final Rescue Mission

Well today is Sunday. I woke up 100% sure that I felt better: the tightness in the middle of my chest had disappeared; the pain was gone, so I felt like, “Yay! It was just the humidity!”

And then I moved.

I had a massive headache. I felt like I had been sledged in the back of the head with a mallet. The Roving Headache that moves when you did. But other than that, I thought I was better.

I went downstairs and was able to move without getting out of breath every time I did so. I had breakfast (3 pieces of glorious bacon, 2 boiled eggs, 2 pieces of toast, a coke, a large tea – yes, at coke at 11:30am).

And then I got dressed, and that’s when my body started failing me. I got dressed and after getting dressed everything left me breathless. I’m thinking it wasn’t just the humidity: I’m thinking it’s me getting worse. I’m thinking it’s Bronchiectasis taking over and mounting it’s Flag of Illness on the inside, announcing to one and all that it has officially taken over.

I helped Krystal move her stuff to Jenna’s today. Don’t worry people I was just the chauffer. All I did was provide the Red Rocket on it’s final rescue mission and drive it back and forth from Krystal to Jenna’s, and give examples as to how if you shove the passenger seat up, you may be able to fit your wicker shelf in, or roll down the childproof windows half way to get said shelf in enough to be able to fully close the back door. But even getting out of the drivers seat, and walking to the trunk to open it up (since apparently there’s no button inside to do it) was enough to make me sit down to catch my breath.

It’s scary.

So tomorrow I am definitely calling my co-ordinator and telling her that I feel horrendous. It’s not just the humidity. I will call her after I go out for lunch, and finish moving Krystal’s mattress and deformed desk…which I hope we’re able to strap to the roof with bungee cords….

My parents still know that I feel a bit better but still terrible. My dad told me he was worried, and I think he still is, but I’m proud of myself for being honest with them. I literally and physically cannot hide it anymore.

I will let you know more tomorrow.


Amy said...

Call the DR and let us know what they say! I'm praying you get those lungs girl!!!!!!!!!!!


Megan said...

Its creepy how similar our symptoms are. Pleurisy is obviously having a whale of a time

I hate the feeling when you think you're getting better, thn everything comes back twofold and you just want to scream 'Right, pleurisy, piss off!'.

Yeah? Xx

Rebekah said...

Oh Bree... I hope that you are feeling a little better today. I know MSN is busted, but let's connect girl!