My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mattress dancing

Another hot and humid day is engulfing southern Ontario, and as you can imagine i still feel like shit. Like a diligent little child, as soon as todays' festivities were completed i came home and called my co-ordinator and all is sorted out. It wasn't as scary as i had envisioned it to be: she was really nice and sounded concerned, and told me to go ahead and make an appt. with my local respirologist since i could get in faster. As a result i see her Thurs at lunch so we'll see how that goes. No threats of hospitalization were uttered but i'm sure the idea will be tossed around. I wont' object if i'm told i need to go in.

I still feel like total and utter shit. I'm still having trouble breathing and moving and such, and i told my co-ordinator that. Today was the final day of helping Krystal move to Jenna's and i just pretty much drove and opened the trunk. Even that left me out of breath.

Mattress moving was a success! Despite the raging 60km winds, we strapped the mattress down times infinity, and made it to Jenna's without incident. We got lots of pics and once i hope onto the crap acer i'll slowly and tediously upload them. I can honestly say that the left side of my body is most likely sunburnt as well, but what can you do? I love these girls and any memory that can be made with them (mattress shifting, half a sunburn) is worth it:)

Next time, i think Jenna and i will refrain from dressing up; i'll refrain from wearing heels and Jenna will refrain from wearing a skirt that causes several Marilyn Monroe incidents.


Today I met for lunch with the ultra amazing, always lovely, Deb! I had a blast and it was great to catch up:)

So overall, despite feeling like shit, i had a good day:) For now, I am instructed to sit on the couch like a Queen and order everyone around. That sounds doable.

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Amy said...

LOL you wore heels? That's my girl ;) I will wear eels up into the operating room if they will let me haha!

What book????? Do you order one of the million we have been drooling over?!?!?!