My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, April 3, 2009

Patience, Patients

Today I feel like a patient. Today was my fully-loaded Friday where i have to go for rehab and then zoom across the city to get my IV.

Plans for attending rehab were promptly stalled this morning when a train decided to stroll through the front of the hospital. It didn’t run through the hospital, sillies, it strolled on its tracks which are located at the front of the hosp, which happen to pass across the street i take to get to the hosp. And today for some reason, said train decided to take its merry little time while on its journey.

I waited 35 minutes for this fucking thing to take its time. 35 fucking minutes waiting in ’93 Ford Tempo in the pouring rain; rain which was falling at such a rate i feared the Red Rocket and i would be picked up and swept into the Grand River and all that would be left of us would be a few big pieces of rust and an oxygen tank.

Suffice to say that didn’t happen, but people were doing 3 point turns left, right, and center to get the hell out of this train/pouring rain mess. I would’ve done the same, but since i didn’t know it was a train till after the fact, i stayed.

By this time it was 9am. Rehab closed at 10am, and I had to get to the other end by 10am to get my stuff. I had no energy to hall a tank in pouring rain and all that, so i said fuck it, called them up, explained the situation, and zoomed to the other end. I couldn’t get a parking spot in the parking garage, so i parked on the roof.

In a flood.

How the water didn’t reach up into my car and flood the floors is beyond me. I can honestly say though that my car now stinks of mould and wetness. Probably a healthy environment for the lungs.

I got 2 pokes today. 2 bruises to show off my bravery. I weighed in at a stonkingly solid 43 kilos (94.6 lbs). They took my height: i’m still short. Oh well. What with all my zooming around on medical business today I feel like quite the patient. I got home only to be met by a message from my dad telling me to call TGH physio room to confirm next weeks appt, so i did that; i called Dave to confirm that i’d be meeting him next week. I still have to endure 20 minutes of Tobi (with my new compressor who i’ve named Lord Grey, b/c its grey).

And I still have to go back out into the rain to get my precious antifungal.

In happy news, I need to get my hair done and my mum instructed me to make an appt and that she’d pay for it, and i’m writing this on the new laptop, which i fucking love and am plotting to steal at some point. And i’m loving my new book.

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