My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sporonox Shock

So i can proudly announce that I broke down and cried at the pharmacy yesterday.


Yes, yes. Upon my arrival at the pharmacy, I was instructed to wait while they served other customers (clearly with less needs - the bastards), and after some time was quiety ushered aside and given my Sporonox ("To treat the fungal infection.." the pharma-man whispered - as if it were a sinful, shameful thing).

The shock following came in 3 waves:

1) "You're lucky you have good insurance; this is over $500."

2) "You'll have to take this 3 times a day with food"

3)" You'll have to take this for 6 weeks"
-->*insert tears here*<--

And that, people, is how i became the first person to probably ever cry at the pharmacy.

It's ok though, i'm over it now, but I fully beleive i am entitled to be overwhelmed with my illness at times. I am entitled to mourn the fact that i am currently on 5 antibiotics and have had all sense of fun snatched from my hands since my current med regime is so strict (tobi, stupid sporonox 3 times a day WITH food that MAY or MAY NOT damage my precious liver). I beleive i may have a stomach of steel now.

The last 2 weekends i've had Sex and the City thons - alone. Since the girlies are dutifully studying for exams, I have spent much time alone. Which is ok, but it's getting lonely. Too much Sex and the City reminds me that i've been single for too long. Gah. Stupid thinking. Stupid thoughts!

That's it. No more. There's nothing witty and intelligent left to write. I got my hair done today and i feel better.

I must go find something to eat.

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