My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Monumental Day; The End of an Era

Well here I am, one year later, still waiting on the transplant list, still no further along than i was a year ago.

Or maybe I am.

In other ways, today is a monumental day. Not only have I been on the tx list a whole year, and am hopefully closer to transplant rather than farther away from it, today is also the last day my dad and i have with the Red Rocket. Yes yes, we are trading it in at 5pm tonight for the new Elantra. Bittersweet. Exciting. Sadness. All rolled into one giant emotion presenting itself in the form of denial.

I may write later on my feelings with regards to the Tempo...but for now, it's too sad.

Today is a gorgeous day, and I would go outside to enjoy it, but unfortunately, my pupils are horrendously dilated from my eye appt that i had this morning, and I can’t go into direct light b/c it burns, so i’m living like a vampire and staying inside. I still feel like shit, and tomorrow is my respirology appt so we’ll see how that goes. So over all, it’s eventful.

Also, my book is coming in the mail! YAY! I checked the status of it and it says “item out for delivery” so i can only assume that it will be in my mailbox soon! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

That’s really I can think of that’s worthy of blogging. If more happens, I shall update. Oh yes, my elbow bruised massively and is still growing darker so...It’s not as lumpy as it was, but it still hurts.

Hey, at least the pain lets me know i’m 'healthy' enough to feel it!

I’m gonna go have another coke, eat a whole bag of popcorn, and read my Mary Queen of Scots book. Her and Darnley are about to get married – the joy!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck my enthusiasm over a 450 year old marriage that ended in terror or sadness!!!!!!!

*skips in a circle*

*and coughs*

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