My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, March 14, 2009

For Whom the Sick Toll Rings


Yup, as suspected and widely speculated, I beleive I am getting sick again. Well, not 'getting' sick 'again' rather, but most likely, the infection I had before - or whatever the hell it was - is most likely rearing its ugly head and boiling and toiling inside the lungulars.

I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay more congested, stuffy, and i am having a lot more trouble breathing. I awoke today feeling much like a titanium vault was resting comfortably on my chest, and every attempt i made at trying to cough it off just sent me into a coughing fit that failed to end itself.

I have been coughing more too, and not just b/c i'm more productive, but in general. I've also been coughing over stupid things courtesy of asthma, like scents. Lately, I can't brush my teeth w/o being thrown into a coughing fit b/c the scent of the toothpastes shoots to the back of my throat and off i go. Quite attractive if you have the pleasure of witnessing such a phenomenon to be honest. The other day I had a coughing fit so big that I almost through up spaghetti everywhere, but i champed it up and kept it down. WOO. Go me. Go gag reflexes and esophagus that doesn't apparently work. GO US ALL! I don't care if that doesn't make sense. GO EVERYONE WEEEEEEEEEE!


In the last 2 weeks I've had 2 transplant dreams and a lung related dream. The day before les parents departed for mexico, I had a dream I got the call. I didn't tell them this for obvious reasons. Then when they were away I had a dream that I got the call and the surgery. I was awake for the surgery, but I was completely numb and couldn't feel a thing. I remember watching them cut me open and open me up, and I watched them remove my guts so they could have more room to put the lungs in. I remember touching my intestines (they looked like hamburger helper) and being told to keep my hands to myself, and marveling at the fact that I was wrenched right open and in no pain. Then an hour after the surgery, I was scolded by my mum b/c I was running around while I was apparently sedated, and if i didn't stop and settle down, they'd take the lungs back. Then the dream I had 2 nights ago had me coughing up blood everywhere - all over the floor, toilet, sink, counter...just everywhere. I've never actually had this happen, but i've had spotting occur every now and then. I hope that this isn't a sign of things to come! I would most likely shit if i coughed up that much blood. It was just so red!

So other than transplant dreams, the return of my infection, coughing fits, feeling like i have a titanium vault on my chest, I am well, and I am happy, and I cannot ask for more. The weather is warming up which is great. I am struggling through my latest book...but i'm gonna truck along and finish it anyways, no matter how much i hate one of the main characters!


Amy said...

Welcome to the infection club LOL!!!!! We can be sisters in that respect!

Hope your dreams are signs that you will get the call soon my dear!!!!!


Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...

I'm with Amy..I hope your dreams mean you will get your lungs soon as well. Although that would leave me truly being the last unicorn. But you know if that means you get your lungs, I guess that after 30 minutes of cursing you with every jealous bone in my body, I will be SUPER happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a phenomenally vivid dream! Hamburger helper! Yum...makes a great meal! Oh lordie.... hope this is one of your premonition dreams and that the flipping pager goes off already.