My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Don't try to hide from the new Facebook; it will find you eventually....

And so it found me tonight...when I logged on after a 4 hour absence. Shock and awe struck my body like a trident being lodged from a greek god. I hate it; it has greatly hindered my ability to stalk people efficiently now, and it sucks. But there's nothing i can do.

I am spreading the word and warning my fellow facebookers. Beware. Watch out. It is coming to a homepage near you. You cannot run, you cannot hide, and you cannot learn how to navagate in one day or night either. I am afraid it takes a little word that I will never seem to master: patience.

Good luck to us all.

In other news, I have more saddness to announce. After 4 long, hard, wonderful, stressful, angering, joyous years, my Dell Desktop has officially been declared deceased and 'unrepairable'. I guess too much is wrong with it, and while it can be fixed, it would be uber expensive and there is no guaruntee it won't hit the shit again. Thankfully, mum ordered a new laptop that will more than likely find itself in my custody, but I live with the understanding that I will have to share it with her.

I am not a sharer. I don't enjoy sharing, especially when it comes to computers. I don't know why, but it feels like a huge invasion of privacy especially when there's nothing bad on it anyways. Maybe i am just paranoid or something, I don't know. Regardless, I will try not to be so possessive of the new laptop, which I have aptly named Lappy. I am looking forward to it, while silently mourning the death of my Dell:(

I am hoping that what pics I had, and my music, can be salvaged. God knows how much I hate erasing and rebuilding my iPod. God knows i've had to do it enough times to make me cry. And god knows i'll shit a brick if i lose all those songs that were sooooooooooooo hard to find in the first place, b/c god knows my mum will give birth if i download Limewire to Lappy. Oh well. I'll figure something out; my brain always pulls me through. We work well together I think.

In other news, all is well. Lungs are...well...lungs. They sound terrible, they are productive and they make me feel bad, but whatever. I just continue to wait. I have clinic on the 23rd and we'll see how that goes. Last night i actually utilized my stethoscope and listened to my lungs in bed. They sound terrible. I mean, really fucking terrible. God how do i breathe with these things?? lol. They sound sore and painful...i can hear them inflating and deflating (thanks to the annonymous tipper who informed me 'exflating' wasn't an actual word!). But when they inflate, they sound like they are unsticking themselves from eachother...and it sounds like parchment paper being crunch without the sharp sound of it. Does that make sense? Then there are the squeaks, the pops, the grumbling and crackling, wheezes, whizzing sounds...yeah...they sound like an amusement park.

So that's about it. Hope you're all well...and that you're enjoying the new songs i added to the playlist!



Irma said...

i just LOVE reading your blog every morning when i get to work, bree!

u are just fabulous!
thanx so much =D


Megan said...

Facebook changed again? I haven't been on it for maybe 3 days and heard the deadly rumour that it was changing, and god knows how bloody difficult it was to get used to it the first time it changed. You know how they used to have that little thing in the top corner to 'go back to old facebook' yeah, they should keep that.

Oh, and when did you manage to get a stethoscope? Is there a stethoscope tree i dont know about? Xx

The Yorkshire Rambler said...

Yep I just came from facebook and noticed the change. I'm not impressed but then I admit I don't do change LOL. I still drop in to your blog (hope that doesn't seem creepy since you don't know me)and have my fingers crossed for you. Lxx