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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Red Rocket...

Another day has passed, and another part of you has fallen off. Last week you had the misfortune of being swiped in my absence and as a result, you lost an 8 in strip of paint.

Today, your logo fell off.

You're no longer a Ford're just a GL.

What initially started off as a patch of rust above the back left wheel is now a sprawling abundance of it - a tiny nation of rustic appeal. While dad and I did solve the issue of your chronic stalling/breaking down at red lights, stop signs, or stalling randomly when it got too hot or too cold, and while we also got enough rust out of the keyhole in the trunk to get it open, I fear that your time is coming to an end.

We've been through a lot together in our 5 years. I inherited you from my sister when she bought her Sunfire...and she inherited you from dad. We've backed into a cement wall together at 80km/h, we had that huge spin out with Ashley on Stone Road last year; we've traveled great distances to meet various appoitments...and among the smaller memories, we apparently drove through a snowbank some time 2 weeks ago with Katey and Krystal as passengers.

I don't remember this.

You survived being driven into the side of the house by dad. You survived an outran a Tornado with Allison in Sarnia. But you've also been the subject of ridicule and the brunt of jokes by many. People complain that you smell, that you're too loud, that you're slow, and that you're a 'shit-mobile', but to me you're the Red Rocket and you're totally fucking awesome.

Could this be the end? I thought it was the end 2 years ago when you broke down on Imperial road by the sausage place at rush hour, and had to be pushed off the road by some kind person (who i ended up rear-ending b/c i couldn't stop you from rolling fast enough...) Could you reprive yourself once again? I think so. We have proved that even tho the tempo 'comfortably' fits 4 people, it is possible to stuff 6 people into the back. We also proved that self-locking and self-rolling down windows are way cooler than automatic ones. You've also been the hero of many rescue missions, and you're slotted as the get-away vehicle for an impromptu move-out in April.

I hope this isn't the end, b/c let's be honest, everyone loves you no matter how gaudy and offensive you appear to be...and we all know that I don't know how to drive anything else...Not without screaming anyways.

So lets hope you're not on your way out.


Kira said...

I know how you feel, I lost my first car few years back and I almost cried. It was called Gertrude or Gerdi for short and thats what I would yell as it got to the top of the hill or trying to merge onto highways. Its moved house for me about 4times. It was also the all mine paid for and everything. I remember during a major storm getting into it and having to spend 10mins soaking the water puddle under the pedals with a jumper cause she used to leak. My first hitting someone in high school.

When she collapsed finally one sunday after noon in front of a red light I knew it was the end. Wehn my repairers told me its not worth I just looked sad and said I didn't have any photos of it and they lovingly sent me some photos before she was taken apart.

R.I.P Gerdi - though you wern't as cool looking as your replacement Captain Crunch you still rocked majorly! Plus I could put a mattress in your boot and sleep in you!

Amy said...

LOL I'm laughing at you and Kira's posts!!!

I had a car back when I was 16. It was a boat of a car, a Buick something. It had the best velvet bucket seats ever! She died one day on my way home from work and we got her fixed. Only thing was the repair guy forgot something and she caught on fire a week later and was destroyed. I cried. I loved that car and I only had it for 3 months!!!!!