My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, March 6, 2009

Live from the hosp...'s meeeeeeee!

I am writing this from the hospital.

Before you get your naughty bits in a bunch, chill the fuck out. I'm getting my monthly IV and am using the patient laptop.

Can i say how happy I feel today? I realized lastnight at a very late hour just why exactly I've been feeling so.......not me. And i realized, it's because i needed to get my IVIG. Duh. It's kind of like PMS where you act like a bitch to everyone, you know you're miserable, and you don't know why, until you finally realize, "Ooooh! That's why!"

I find that when the 4 weeks comes to an end and IV time rolls around, my system is low on everything. I am more irritable, I take things more personally, I am tired, and am generally not the best person to be around. But i never clue in as to why until the very last moment.

So when I realized that today i had to get gamma i felt instantly better. I was late for physio and never ended up going, b/c I got there and discovered my parking card had expired and i have no money to renew it. Thank god no one was behind me and i backed the Red Rocket out and sped down the driveway and headed here to the hosp.

I then realized that I only had $6.50 to pay for parking. Parking here is $7, and the people at Tims wouldn't give me the remaining $2.90 on my Timmie's card. Luckily a fellow patients mum overheard me and extended me a dollar which i appreciated muchly.

I only got one poke today! And it worked! I was informed i had a big juicy vein in my elbow that has been hiding for some time, and it pulled through for me today. So i'm happy about that.

My IV started...and half an hour later my nurse realized that she had started me on the wrong stuff. She had given me my flush first (which you get after your IV to ensure all the meds have gone through). So i got a bag of Dextrose which I am assured won't hurt me, but I still need to pee a lot. I got a little shakey but that's just probably my body being stupid. It shakes on me sometimes for reasons unbeknownst to me.

So here I am, needing to pee sooooooooo bad but finally getting the proper meds infused into me. And I am happy that my IV has restored my mental clarity and returned me back to myself.

I have missed me. I'm glad I have found myself once again.

Welcome back, and don't ever leave again!

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Amy said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)