My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, February 26, 2009

McDonalds McGoodness

I havent written in a week b/c there has been nothing to write about. Trust me when i say my life is pretty...well...normal at the mo.

First things first: I'M DONE CIPRO - somebody fire a cannon, hark make the angels sing - SOMETHING - i am done! I have been on cipro exactly 20 days. And to be honest, i'm slightly afraid that i am finished now b/c i have the creeping suspicion i'll be sick in a heart beat. Is that terrible that i am thinking that? Probably.

Upon a moment of reflexion (anthropological word...muhahaha) i realized just how sick i was, and i'm 100% convinced i was a stone's throw away from being in the hosptial. I feel better, but not totally. The tightness is gone, but i'm still coughing and blah blah blah. What can i do? Well, I celebrated by going to McDonalds. I got a happy meal, and a collectors toy (which truth be told was only got b/c i had every intention of giving it to jocelyn...but then i saw it was a wizard of oz collector and i'm contemplating my generosity on it..)

So yeah, McDonalds was a great choice, as I have lost 5lbs since being on cipro since it has stolen my appetite. What else? There's nothing else to mention...except that my computer is getting fixed once again *cue rage* and it was supposed to be back in my custody on Tues but there has been no word on its exact whereabouts. I must look into that. For now i am getting by on my mum's ancient Acer laptop.

Stop laughing.

That's about it. Hopefully my computer comes back soon.


Megan said...

Cipro did exactly the same thing to me - I feel the slightest bit better, but I'm still coughing, a lot. Plus it nicked off with my appetite. Its evil. Evil cipro. We should form a revolution. Or something. Xx

Amy said...

I swear I am the only person who has no issues with Cipro!!!!!!! :)

I am glad you enjoyed your McDonalds, I had some on Saturday and it made me wet my pants ;)


Alice said...

I loved Cipro, also had no side effects from it. Plus it meant NO IV's. Which is great. So GO CIPRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!