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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nana turns 80

I called up my nana and papa today around 4, to specifically wish my nana a happy birthday. She told me that at her age she'd much rather it if she couldn't remember how old she was, and i informed her that I was pretty sure she was only 25.

For those of you who are familiar with my nana stories, she is a crazy lady who doesn't hear half of what you say, and employs the much fabled but widely used smile-and-nod technique. This technique comes in quite handy especially over the phone, since she can't see your face when you talk to her and she misses 99.9% of what you say. I say this with total affection: for anyone who knows me, knows I love my nana to peices and would give her a portion of my brain so she could remember things a little better than she does, if i could. But that doesn't stop me from having fun with her, esp. since she never clues in to when I'm doing it.

Like today.

So i'm on the phone with nana, wishing her a happy birthday, when i asked her what all she has done today. It went like this:
Me: Hi nana! happy birthday!
Nana: Thank you dear! It's so sweet of you to call an old gal on her birthday!
Me: What are you talking about nana? You're 25 remember?
Nana: I wish! A ha ha!
Me: What did you do today, nana?
Nana: Well...your papa and I spent much of the day at the wart specialist. Your papa has warts on his foot and i have to help him take care of them..
Me: *promptly stops eating peanuts*
Nana: So we're coming to your house Sunday! Don't make too much food!
Me: Don't worry nana, I only baked you 3 cakes this year.
Nana: *smile* uh hah? Yes.....*silence* So what are you all eating for supper tonight?
Me: Well, there's no food in the house, so we're probably going to eat eachother.
Nana: *silence* Uh hah? Yes.

Pretty soon after that the conversation ended. Nana clearly didn't get the fact that i stated we would be eating eachother for supper. Just like the time over Christmas when i asked her if she wanted gin to drink and she smiled and said, 'uh hah'.

Oh nana, I love you to peices and i'm sorry i get laughs at your expense. You truely are the best person ever. Happy 80th! I can't wait to see you Sunday, esp. since I now know you can see me after your laser eye surgery....b/c i didn't know you were blind for the last 15 years!



CFlover said...
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CFlover said...

I just found your blog and I ♥ it!!


Megan said...

Ah the 'smile and nod' technique. I use it all the time, it probably frustrates people a lot, but hey, it aint my fault lol. I have a sneaking suspicion (ok, a very large confirmation) that people love to get a laugh out my hearing. As long as it’s done in good humour (i.e. not taking the piss out of me) I'm good with it. No doubt you'd have so much fun telling me one thing and me thinking it’s another thing.

Happy birthday to the new 25 year old!! Xx

Amanda Smith said...

I hate to say it but...I'm being cautious about the page. Having been burned by the "Pepe" saga. I've asked the author to clarify why the med. info is all copy-pastes from other sites. Also, the user's Yahoo questions which can be found on;_ylt=AnIRAKUm3zx5NBFlqbNdR644Agx.;_ylv=3?link=question&more=y&show=Gy3wOSsIaa

do not mesh with the loveandcf site.
I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but I am being cautious.

Amanda Smith said...

"CFlover's" Yahoo! answers profile is "Kellee J"