My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fuck My Life

Fuck my life.

I'm having the most boring weekend i think i've ever had the misfortune of experiencing. Lastnight and tonight, I have spent by myself b/c everyone is busy, the parents are away, and unlike me, people are busy doing stuff.

To pass the time i baked cookies, which turned out to be a huge fucking mistake b/c they took forfuckingever and i still have to ice them - which i am all entirely too lazy to do. They can fuck themselves. I'll ice them later.

I vaccumed and realized my legs were sore from standing for too long from baking them. Then i showered and felt better...and then i realized that i had no plans for the second weekend in a row and now i feel so bored that i could start a fire somewhere.


I am watching The Duchess for the second time.

I want tea, but am in a debate as to whether or not i want to go to Timmies or make it myself. Lets face the facts: something tells me i'm entirely too lazy to get up, put shoes on, and a coat, and get into my car and drive to tims.
But another part tells me i'm too lazy to get up and boil water.

Fuck my life - again.

Today i've eaten a bagel and chips, and some cookies that i made. That's it. I am starving b/c of my lack of motivation and down in the dumps attitude.

Did i mention that i got an email Thursday night telling me a dear friend is dying? I did. That probably has something to do with it.

Fuck my life, and fuck the email.

What else? Yesterday afternoon i managed to entertain myself by watching Ace of Base music videos on Youtube. It was fun, and i managed to dance in my spot on the couch with such enthusiasm that i hurt the back of my neck headbanging. I went to Jenna's for dinner and that was it.

That's about it. I hope you guys are all having a better weekend than i am...but it seems like everyone is having a shit couple of days.

Let our shite reunite and form some semblance of happiness.

Here are 2 random websites to pass your time. The first one is a favourite of mine, aptly called "FUCK MY LIFE", about shitty things that happen to normal people:

Second, for anyone who gives a shit about 18th century gossip, try this gem that i stumbled upon during my regular random google search (the side bar sites are great):

Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.


Alice said...

Oh no deary... sounds bad. I also used to feel like some retired person over weekends etc when my most exciting thing was playing a board game. Yes, sitting at a table pushing around figurines on a board. You need this boring and shitty times to make you fully appreciate those new lungs when they come! Not that you won't anyway, but it'll give you even something MORE to gloat about. So sorry about Grant...

realgonegal said...

Such contrast between the mundane weekend you are having and your friends very pivitol weekend. Man.