My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pretty boring

My tongue has healed.

My day was pretty boring...

Though I saw a dog chase a deer through the parking lot at rehab..

And I saw a peacock.

Fuck my life.


Anyways, I had clinic yesterday. My mum took me and my appt was an hour in total, which is fantabulous b/c you usually wait in the room alone for an hour, and the appt usually is another hour, so the fact that i was seen and out the door in 1 is marvelous.

I confessed to the doctor my fears of becoming morbidly obese post tx. Upon a reflection of my poor diet choices as of late (like consuming a whole advent calendar on Sunday, mad making of fudge, and shortbread cookies, and no bake chocolate chip cookies on Sat, and finishing a bag of chips today, and massive amounts of pop consumption), post -tx obesity is a huge fear for me. My doc informed me that for me alone it wouldn't be a huge weigh gain since i'm small, but still, the thought of 10-15 lbs at most on my 5' foot frame is frightening. I want to be healthy post-tx, i don't want to be disgusting whale. Oh well, I know post-tx i'll eat better anyways and work out and all that, so i hope it's not a huge concern.

Today i entertained myself by watching Dr. Phil. It was a special that i have been looking forward to for weeks - obese children. Oddly enough, obese children make me feel better about myself (is that a horrible confession? it probably is, and i'm probably going to hell now) but it made me skip with glee on the inside to think that i'm 23 and 95lbs - i'm not 10 years old and 190lbs. And my parents don't have locks on the cupboards to keep me from consuming the shelves in a fit of rage.


Anywho, here's your sporatical dose of Henry Cavill scrumpulousness. Don't look too long or else you might just get pregnant:

And for generosity's sake, here's vid of a fat kill (kind of)falling out of rollercoaster. Made my day. Completely horrible, I know....but...miraculous at the same time:


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Alice said...

I may be pregnant now... I looked really long!!! And STOP worrying about getting fat post tx!! Cos a) you'll pick up muscle from being active, b) your metabolism will increase c) you'll have LESS TIME TO EAT, cos you'll be living your life etc etc. I could go on but I'm tired... I gained another 1.5kg since starting to work :-( OK I guess that doesn't help! Sorry!!!