My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, November 7, 2008


There's nothing to report. Things are pretty lame. Feeling nice and shitty. Discovered i ran out of Advair today (how responsible of me) so i must call it in and pick it up tomorrow. My friend Carol (who's got listed when i did) got a call on Monday but the lungs were no good. So far we're neck and neck: both listed at the same time, both been listed for 6 months, both have had false alarms. Hopefully soon we'll get the real deal. Lord knows i can't continue feeling like this for much longer or I'll burst. And if i burst, then there will be mucus everywhere and that's not fun to clean up.

Chantel is having a b-day themed party tomorrow. It's 90's style. Lastnight Krystal, Jenna and I went to Value Village ( a second hand store) and scored some pretty disgusting 90's wear. I got a denim pant suit and the game KerPlunk. We got Chantel the ORIGINAL 90210 board game. Krystal got some disgusting vest and and a fanny pack and Jenna got a valore onesie that's gathered at the bottom and a fanny pack. She is contemplating returning b/c there was this blue business dress that looks like something Ashley Banks would wear on Fresh Prince. Shoulder pads and everything. To top this disgustingly wonderful marvel off, we're crimping our hair. Chantel will hopefully provide some scrunchies and slap braclets. Lord knows i'll need a scrunchie, since i'm gonna wear my hair in a side ponytail.

Oh 90's, now I know why I hated you upon looking back. If only I could have found stirrup pants.....


Gizela said...

Please post some photos of the party!
Would love to see that.
But even worse than the 90s, is the 80s. If I think back to what i wore.....heheeheh....krazy!
Praying for your new lungs to come soon!

Alice said...

Saw the pics on facebook!!! You guys looked fab... VERY 90's...