My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Sunday

So far it's been a good Sunday. I just got back from Chapters (a book store) where I tried not to whore and embarass myself in the history section. I got two books - The Boleyn Inheritance (b/c I read The Other Boleyn Girl) and Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles. It's a historical novel and I'm greatly anticipating it's greatness and wonderfulness. To add to this, I scored a free book too! Some kind soul at rehab found out I was an anthro major (probably from myself) and told me about this book (The Clan of Cave Bear)that takes place during the Ice Age. Alas, it is a romance and i am afraid to open it for fear it will take over my love for Jamie and Claire (Outlander!) but i doubt that will happen.

But oh well.

I felt pretty shitty yesterday, and no, i am not implying the state of my stomach. My stomach is much, much, much better thank you. I meant in the lungular regions. I just felt like utter crap, like I couldn't breathe, and once again i raised and shook my fist in anger at the thought of Tobi and what it does to me. I could barely get from A to B, and I was getting hot flashes. I felt for a moment that this must be what it's like to go through menopause, but without the feeling of sudden suffocation. Today i feel slightly better but i'm incredibly phlegmy. There is no balance in this game of lung disease. It's just a nasty, nasty bitch all around.

I couldn't sleep lastnight b/c I watched some stupid movie called Dead Silence. It was stupid at parts but scary. I couldn't fall asleep for fear that things would go suddenly silent and Mary Shaw would appear in my room. If you see her you don't scream b/c she rips out your tongue. And what's even stupider is that i'm 23 and naiive enough to get scared by this shit. But I was - so shut up.

I'm off to go be unproductive. But before i go continue my unproductivness, I must extend my HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to my Heidi Speidi who is 15 years old today! MUMMY LOVES YOU!

P.S: Got my false alaram 2 months ago today


Kira said...

Oh my god I love the Earth's Children Series! I wouldn't say the first book has much romance in it, later yes but what is a story about humans without romance. Obviously she has poetic liscense when it comes to the books but she does actually spend years and year researching. Clan of the cave bear came out in like 1981 or something and she has yet to finish the series. I m stuck waiting after reading Shelter of Stones... I really want to know what happens as she set it up so well. The only part where its not excellant at least for me is she describes everything and spends time describing medicinal uses for plants and everything and while that is fun and interesting and all most can be used as a mini almanac I did kinda skimmed in the long passages in the Plains of Passage. I hope you like Ayla's adventures! Sending hugs for some lungs to come very soon and a perfect surgery and recovery.

Alice said...

Awwww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boleyn Inheritance is brilliant... loved it!!!

Jennifer said...

Kira's right, that series is pretty awesome. Also, the author that wrote Mary, Queen of Scots wrote a fabulous novel about Cleopatra. If you like Mary, make sure to pick up Cleopatra, it was really good.

Alice said...

You're too quiet! When I get back from CT there beter be a post for me to read..