My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, November 23, 2008

At the book sale

So yesterday was our muchly anticipated book sale. I woke up at 8 something, got dressed, hauled ass, picked up Telly and Krystal and we made our way in my disintegrating Ford Tempo downtown to where it was held. I drove up to the 4th floor and parked right beside the elevator like a fucking genius, and we finally made it to the monstrous book sale.

By all accounts it was monstrous, and by all accounts we weren't the only losers there whoring and embarassing ourselves. Actually, I was shocked at the amount of old people who just grappled and snatched and ran off with books! I found things slightly frustrating b/c they were only separated by genre, not alphabatized by author but oh well. After 2 hours I only had 1 book that i found on my own - a gift from God this book is - and pretty soon i enlisted the help of Katey and then Jenna who helped me find 5 more! By this time my arms were sore, my lungs felt like they were going to break away from my trachea and bronchi and i had to sit or else i would just fall down and never get off the floor. And i probably wouldn't care. I brought a canvas bag which was full, and i managed to successfully drag it back to my car when all was said and done.

In the end, I spent $14 on 7 books and it's miraculous. I'm pretty sure 2 of the books i got i will never read, b/c i'm pretty sure i got them just to say that i have them, and i'm definately sure that one of them (The Faerie Queen) I only got b/c i liked the picture on the front and b/c it was massive. Yup. I won't lie, I still do that, and I still judge a book by it's cover, so there.

This morning I had a dream that I got the call. It wasn't like my usual dream where I get it, miss it, and generally speculate as to whether or not it actually happened. In this dream, my pager went off, but like when it really happened i wasn't quite sure until someone told me. Well, i waited for my phone to ring, except it wouldn't, b/c we were in a basement at a 'function', but then my mum's blackberry went off and yup it was the transplant people! They told my mum where to go and to take our time, meanwhile my heart was singing, people were congratulating me, and I thought it was miraculous that some kind soul found it in their heart to save a life and donate their child's organs.

At this point, a judge from So You Think You Can Dance Canada (Tre), came up to congratulate me, and she sat down with chocolate to talk. I informed her that I couldn't eat b/c i was going to have surgery, and she smiled and said that it was ok, b/c pretty soon I would be dancing again. And that was pretty much it, but it was pretty fricken real. So I hope the real thing happens soon!

That's about it for now. Hope everyone's weekend is good. Having the usual lungular pain when I cough, and my throat is a tad sore, but what else is new?

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Amy said...

That sounds like a fabulous dream!!!!! :) I hope you get the call soon too!