My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Angry Shortbread

Did anyone watch The Tudors lastnight? My god, Henry Cavill looked like a bear. He must be the only man who is able to pull off a metal suit and still look outrageously sexy. Not only did he look like a man-bear, but the way he lept off of the stands like a monster when King Henry went down b/c he got packed in the face with a jousting stick....Remind me the next time I go jousting to request all men around me wear metal suits and chain mail helmuts, that way somewhere, i'll be assured that a Henry Cavill-like Bear Monster may rescue me.

*le sigh* And next week will be sad, as they take the beloved Anne to the Tower of London. Damn you Henry. Damn you and your 500 year old morbidly obese soul.

Yesterday I made more shortbread. It was angry shortbread, as somehow, somewhere, some inevitable way, the recipe fucked up and i was unable to make the short bread in shapes. I had visions people, visions of my short bread coming out like in exciting shapes of stars, bears, and a christmas trees...But no, they looked like fucking dumplings that wouldn't set or co-operate and i got so mad that i just squashed them into rumpled balls and threw them in the oven. My vision was promptly crushed, but they taste fine.

That's about it. I went to TO today. Stayed in my little allotted corner away from all people and all things. I started The Boleyn Inheritence, though it is hard to get into....I may go back to The Other Boleyn Girl.

My life is pretty boring. Here's hoping i get the call soon.


Jennifer said...

Everytime I see an update, I take a deep breath and hope you are saying "I got the call."

I hope you get your call soon.

Alice said...

You'll get into the Boleyn Inheritance, it just takes a while. I loved it in the end. I want some of your cookies!