My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gastic Test so far a success!!!

Yup, that rhymed!

I am pleased to inform you that so far, the gastric test has been a success. After having it placed at roughly 9am, the tube still remains up my nose and it's not as horrible as it was the first time around! You will be pleased to know that I reprised my role as difficult patient, as I choked and gagged and vomitted and died all over the place as the tube was being placed. I gagged so violently at one point that I think the technician almost vomitted in sympathetic response to me. That's how magical the experience was.

In total, it took a whole hour to get the tube up my nose. I will go back to TO to get it taken out at 8:30 am tomorrow, and then I will go to TGH for physio, and then Sick Kids for blood, and then back home. Friday morning I have to be back at TGH for a scope of my esophagus (they're making extra sure i'm not completely messed up apparently) and will be partially knocked out for that, and will thus be unable to do a repeat of today's violent esophageal episode. In total, Friday makes 4 out of 5 days spent in TO!!!! GAH!

So that's it really. Hopefully after all this I can and will get the call! Here's hoping!

The tube at the back of my throat isn't too horribly uncomfortable. I mean, I can feel it in there. It feels rather like you have post-nasal drip (for those not in the know, that's when snot from ur sinuses drips into your lungs). It feels rather like when you have a hard chunk of snot lodged in there and you're trying to get it up and out. I can eat a lot easier than I could the first go around, though if i eat a huge chunk of food the tube will pull which makes my nose hurt. As a result, i'm eating smaller things. It's weird, b/c if i open my mouth and look at my epigoltus (that's the hangy thing at the back of your throat, people!) i can see the tube dangling down. I try not to look at it as it makes me want to vomit.

That is all people. I shall update tomorrow. I have to wake up again at 5 am tomorrow. UGH!


BreathinSteven said...

Hey Beautiful Chickadee!!!

I'm glad it's going better this time... And I'm glad it's almost over! I managed to dodge that whole thing -- I don't think they were as freaked about reflux and GERD when I was transplanted. Oh, they were concerned -- and I was already on meds -- but now they really watch closely... It's been implicated in a lot of problems -- and it's even thought as a potential cause for cases of IPF!

Sorry about all the drips and snots and un-hockable-loogies or whatever... You never cease to make me chuckle... A sense of humor is a wonderful thing when you're going through this because without it, well, you turn into a sour, old bitch so do us all a favor and keep it...

Anyhoo -- I'm glad this is almost over with -- and I hope you get the call very, very soon afterwards!!!

I hope you're hanging in there, Bree... I think of you often...



Matt Todd said...

They tried to do one of those on me when i had my evaluation but failed miserably because i have an incredibly strong gag reflex. Then after transplant they tried to put in a feeding tube with the same method because i wasn't eating enough. I threw up all over myself when they were putting it in and it hurt like hell while they moved the thing around putting it in. I think the kidney biopsy i had was more pleasant than putting that in. Then about two hours later when the doctor came in and saw the thing was making me compulsivly gag they removed it because they didn't want me vomiting into my new lungs. Oh what a fun experience.

Amy said...

Ewwww yuck still sounds so unpleasant!!! hope that thing comes out and you can eat like yourself again! especially in time for Thanksgiving Monday!!!!

Hugs and love to you my friend!